Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Same Old Penn State is reporting that the Board of Trustees at Penn State have decided not to remove Paterno's statue. They don't want to cave to media pressure and they may not want to annoy alumni who still remain loyal to Paterno.

Let's get one thing straight. Paterno was a disgusting man who allegedly allowed a friend (Sandusky) to sexually abuse and sodomize children. Anyone who has thinks this piece of garbage was a good man is deranged. It's like saying that Ted Bundy was a good man. Didn't people like him before they found out he was a monster?

That line of thinking and reasoning is terrible and disgusting. Anyone who believes that has lost my respect. Let me say it again in a different way. I believe Paterno endangered the welfare of children by doing nothing to stop his colleague, Jerry Sandusky form raping and sodomizing children.

Any good that Paternon may have done in a ruse to pretty up is image was wiped clean and destroyed by his willingness to do absolutely jack to prevent the abuse of children. That makes Paterno a monster and evil human being.

Now let's turn our attention to the disgusting Penn State. The university conducted and internal investigation that was scathing. It detailed how senior leadership failed to protect children. The university had the ability of starting fresh and showing the nation that they had changed course.

That window of opportunity is now closed. These idiots will keep a statue of man that endangered innocent children. It shows that the university has no interest in turning a new corner and establishing a culture of decency and ethical behavior.

They have shown me that they have no interest in establishing a culture that would protect children and athletes form being abused. It shows me that their investigation was just smoke and mirrors. They wanted us to think they had changed but I beleive that they're the same old bunch of hacks that care more about their image and protecting the Paterno legacy than protecting children.

When it comes to crimes like this, I have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who tries to protect the villain. What would I have done? I would have removed the statue and any reference to Paterno's name. I would have worked with the media to shame any alumnus who tried defend Paterno. There's nothing to defend. Anyone who defends him, is defending a monster and a man who most likely would have been charged with child endangerment had he lived.

The university should have also imposed a 3-5 year ban from competition of its football program. That would have allowed them to use that time to build a new program with a new culture and new ethics. That would have shown the general public, fans, coaches, student athletes and senior leadership that university is serious about establishing a culture of not protecting any employee or athlete that endangers a child, a student or employee at the university.

So what actions should be taken now? I believe that the scumbags who operate the university and the disgusting alumni who still support Paterno, should be taught a very important lesson. If they can't find any decency within their souls, they must be punished and punished severely.

The NCAA must now issue a 20 year ban of Penn State from athletic competition. If these monsters can't do the right thing, they must be punished. An example should be made of them and that example should destroy the current athletic program at Penn State.

Penn State could have avoided further embarrassment, ridicule and criticism by doing the right thing now. They have chosen to sit by and let this thing blow over. They have decided to allow a statue and other images of a mosnter, to remain in place. What message does that send the victims of these crimes? It tells them that Penn State couldn't care less about the abuse they suffered and will continue to keep a statue of a man who represents these awful crime to remain.

How would you feel if you were a victim? How would you feel about Paterno's statue remaining intact? It would be a slap in the face.

I believe that we now have proof that Penn state is the same old institution it has been for decades. If I were a parent, I wouldn't want my child to attend that university. I wouldn't feel that my child was safe there.

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