Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Predators Had No Choice

Video source: NHL.com
The Nashville Predators matched the offer sheet that Shea Weber had signed with the Philadelphia Flyers. It's an extremely lucrative contract that calls for the All-Star defenseman to make 110 million dollars over 14 years.

While the contract is lengthy, the Predators had no choice. They had already lost All-Star defenseman Ryan Suter to the Minnesota Wild earlier this summer. The Predators couldn't risk having a totally depleted defensive unit.

I'm not a big fan of lengthy contracts. It's a lengthy and expensive commitment for the Predators. I sure hope that Weber continues to produce on the ice or he could become one of the worst investments ever. One poor investment in a player who also has a lengthy contract is Roberto Luongo who is currently on the trading block.

Luongo was a bust and an embarrassed during playoff time and the Canucks have been forced to trade the underachiever. These lengthy contracts seem to be the norm right now.

That trend could change if the NHL has its way and tried to limit the length of contracts. This could even the playing field for a small market team like Nashville. They wouldn't be forced to match crazy offers.

The signing of Weber will help to ensure that Nashville's defense is strong but it will hurt the ability of Nashville to put a competitive product on the ice in all facets of the game. Paying one guy 110 million dollars over 14 years ties up a lot of resources that could be spent on improving other positions.

With that being said. The Predators had not choice. They had to sign Weber!

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