Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poker is in the Cards for Roberto Luongo

Poker is in the cards for Roberto Luongo. Luongo has found a pastime which will allow him to win a championship. Finally. Poker you say? Yes I do say. Luongo took part in the World Series of Poker last week and made it to day 4.

Autographed Roberto Luongo Photograph - 16x20Luongo ended up in 634th place out of a starting field of 6,598 and winnings of $19,277. That's pretty good. Luongo should decide to focus on career path that will allow him to be a winner. I'm not saying he's not a good goalie in the NHL. In fact he's one of the best regular season goalies.

The problem is that he's below average when it comes to the NHL playoffs. Luongo only lasted 2 games in the 2012 playoffs. That means that Luongo did better at poker. He had to beat out many players. That's pretty impressive.

The chances of Luongo hanging up his skates in favor of poker has a zero percent chance of happening but it's fun to talk about. It's fun to talk about how Luongo might be better at cards than he is at hockey. OK. That's not really true. Once again it does put a smile on face to poke some fun at the guy.

I do think he brings it on himself and he is easy to make fun of. You just have to look at his pathetic playoff performances to see why I make fun of him.

While I have mocked him for his poor play in the playoffs, I will not mock him for his impressive performance in the World Series of Poker. He performed better than almost 6,000 other participants.

If Luongo took the 2012/13 season off to work on his poker skills, he might just be able to become a pro. He could then say he's a two sport jock. Some day, he might even be able to call himself a champion. A champion of poker.

If poker is in the cards, I won't mock him as much as I do for NHL playoff performances. I think it would be fun to see him as poker player. We do no that he's good at gambling in both hockey and poker.

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