Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Penn State Loyalists Need To Take A Breather

Some Penn State Loyalists continue to defend the actions of evil men and need to take a breather. Fortunately they will have 4 years and a miserable product to help them reflect on their program and how it had its priories wrong. In the wake of sanctions being handed out to the university, those who are loyal to the university at all costs seem to have their priorities in the wrong place.

Penn State fans reacted with anger at the obliteration of their beloved cult like football program. While Penn State officials and the NCAA are trying to change the culture of the football program, fans are showing how hard that might be.

When fans can't get a grip of the evil acts committed against children and can't face that Joe Paterno enabled a man to rape children, you still have a culture and mindset at Penn State that football trumps everything in life.

Someone has failed these people. They seem to be void of moral and ethical behavior. A normal and decent human being would be disgusted at what happened at Penn State. A decent person would be sickened at what occurred at Penn State. A decent person would have sympathy for the victims of Sandusky.

That would be the first thing that a good person would think of. Penn State loyalists still place their football program above everything else. They give Joe Paterno a pass. They believe everything should be forgotten and that the football program should be able to continue as normal.

For Sandusky's victims, they have been permanently harmed by the gross crimes that occurred at Penn State. The program hasn't been permanently harmed. They will have the chance of to rebuild.

After reading about how some fans have reacted, I now wish that Penn state had received a lifetime ban from football competition. That would have shut up these disgusting people. Instead of criticizing Paterno, they are expelling all their energy against anyone who has criticized their football program.

I hate Penn State more than ever and wish it harm. Their fans don't deserve anything good to occur with the football program. They are acting like spoiled brats. They are proving to me that they are void of any decency.

I'll say it again. How can anyone still defend a university that had a hand in horrible crimes being committed against children? I have nothing against fans continuing to hope for the best in regards to their university. That's normal behavior but defending the football program and those who allowed these crimes to continue is crazy.

My message to Penn State loyalists who continue to defend the actions of evil men is that you should take a breather and remove yourself from your baseless thoughts. Think about the children and the crimes committed against them. Think about the wrongs committed by your university. Hopefully you will see what everyone else in the nation sees and why we think penalties handed out to Penn state were fair.

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