Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh Luongo!

If you've visited before, you know that I like to mock and ridicule Roberto Luongo. I call him Luoser and LeChoko. Those are just a couple of names that I believe fit the netminder. Is it fair? Maybe not but until Luongo is a Stanley Cup Champion, I will continue to believe that he isn't a champion or a playoff netminder.

Roberto Luongo Signed Photo - 8x10With that said. If you were an NHL General Manager, would you consider trading for Luongo? In a nutshell, I wouldn't. His price tag wouldn't be worth it and what I would have to give up would be too much. One thing that the Vancouver Canucks would want is a talented player or two to replace him.

Luongo is a great regular season goalie. He's one of the reasons that Vancouver has made it to the playoffs during his tenure and why they finished atop the NHL regular season standings in 2011/12. So the Canucks would want a player or two or draft picks to replace that void.

What would a team receive in response? A great regular season goalie. A guy you could count on to lead you to the playoffs. If you're a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs, making the playoffs would be an accomplishment. So maybe you give it a try. You don't have much to lose. You have lots to gain and who knows, you might hit the championship lottery by taking Luongo.

Ok. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. As I said. I don't see Luongo winning the cup. My vote is for the Leafs to take him. I'm not much of Leafs fan. In fact I love the nickname, "Laughs" used by many to describe the inept organization.

There are 2 other teams that have been mentioned that are in the Luongo mix. One of them is Chicago. I like the Blackhawks. I don't think they should waste their time on the guy. He's not their answer. Just stay away!

Then there's the Florida Panthers, which are another team I dislike. If Luongo were to go to the Panthers, I believe that they would be a sure bet to win their division. They would have a chance of going deep into the playoffs but I think they can't win it with Luongo.

So who's the best fit for him. Oh. Oh Oh. Toronto. Please? I would like them to go another 35 years without a cup.

Would I take Luongo? Not a chance. I think he's good at riding the bench in big playoff games. Not the guy I would want to actually help my team win it all.

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