Monday, July 23, 2012

Obliterated - The New Penn State Football Program

While Penn State didn't receive the death penalty on Monday, they may have received a worse set of sanctions. The penalties handed out by the NCAA are the harshest penalties ever metered out by the association. For the next for years we can think of Penn State's football program as being obliterated.

The NCAA fined the university 60 million dollars, banned the football program from bowl games and post season play for 4 years and reduced the number of annual recruits from 25 to 15 for a 4 year period. It makes it almost impossible for the program to compete. In addition to these sanctions, the team's record from 1998 to 2011 has been vacated. This includes Joe Paterno's record.

While these sanctions can't take away the pain inflicted on Sandusky's victims, it is a great and fitting punishment to a football program that went awry. Penn State is now a disgraced football program. It has been humiliated and punished.

This is what happens when an egomaniac coach is more concerned about personal gain and more concerned about football than the well being of children. Joe Paterno's legacy has been set. He will now be known as the evil man that allowed children to be raped.

You can also think of the Big Ten conference (actually 12 teams) as the Big 11 with one limp team, conference. That's what Penn State is now. It's limp. It's obliterated and pretty much non-existent. The penalty might be for 4 years but the ramifications of the sanctions will extend well beyond that.

Even after 43 years, it will take time for the program to rebuild. It will still be hard for the football program to lure recruits. Who will want to play for such a pathetic football program. It will take many years for Penn State to return to winning.

The message being sent to all football programs is that football isn't more important than academics. It also tells everyone that Joe Paterno was a monster. It tells everyone that Joe Paterno was an idiot scumbag. I believe Paterno was a man who was consumed with building a successful football program at all costs. All of Paterno's personal gains have vanished.

His records are gone. His ugly statue is gone and the program that he built has been humiliated and obliterated. Good going Joe. Everything you built is gone. You embarrassed your institution.

Penn State students and alumni should spit when hearing or thinking about the Joe Paterno's name. His name should make them want to hurl. His name should sicken them. Joe Paterno's name should be synonymous with cow dung but that is offensive to cow dung.

Now when you think about Penn State's football program, the word obliterated will come to mind.

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