Monday, July 30, 2012

No Hope For Solo

I don't think that there's any hope that Hope Solo will become a decent person. Hope Solo is accustomed to controversy. The big mouth goalkeeper for team USA seems to always find herself criticizing everyone and shooting off her mouth. Her latest victim was Brandi Chastain, a commentator for NBC Sports and former World Cup champion player for Team USA.

Solo believes that Chastain is biased against the women's USA soccer team. She believes she's a poor announcer. I'm not sure what Solo's issues are with Chastain. Maybe I'm missing something but Chastain seems fair with her comments.

Maybe Solo should grow a thicker skin. Part of being a competitor is being able to take any criticism that comes your way. Solo seems to be off her rocker. She seems to have a chip on her shoulder and I don't know where that's coming from.

To be honest, I really don't care where it's coming from. I just want this cold hearted person to grow up and show some maturity. That might be asking too much from Solo. Actually Solo's name fits her. She seems to care about only one person and that's Hope Solo.

She doesn't seem to care how negative publicity can harm the team. The best thing for the soccer team would be to have as little of a media circus surrounding the team. Now Solo has brought more media craziness to her team.

If I were her teammate, I would tell her to shut her mouth and focus on her job. Solo claims that she wants the US media to support the team but her recent tweetes, shows me that she's bringing more negativity and scrutiny on herself and her teammates by the media.

If team USA fails to win gold, I'm sure the media will turn to her tweets and wonder out loud if Solo's mind was in the game or if she was distracted by all her nonsense.

One thing that is becoming apparent to me is that there's no hope for Solo to act like a decent person. That's a shame!

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