Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London 2012 - USA Recap For Day 4

It will not become a habit to do a daily London Olympics recap but today was an exciting day for the USA. Today presented some great moments and it was the women who had me jumping up and down. Yes there was one monumental moment from a male athlete but it was the women who shined today. Below are my happy moments of day 4.

Michael Phelps Sets Record For Most Medals by an Olympian
Today's top Olympic moment has to be Michael Phelps solidifying himself as the greatest Olympic athlete ever by winning the gold medal in the team 4X200 meter relay. Phelps had squandered a gold medal an hour earlier (Won silver medal) but managed to capture gold and his 19th Olympic medal a little later on.

Michael Phelps hasn't won as many gold as his fans would have like and while we've become accustomed to seeing Phelps win gold medals, his accomplishments are second to none. Phelps has won 15 gold medals in his career. That's tops for any Olympic athlete. The grueling training it takes to win that many medals is incredible and he's done it in multiple swimming events.

There are few sports moments in our lives that we can be in awe over an athlete's talent and skill. Phelps is that athlete. He got off to a slow start training for this Olympics, trailing his competitors by about 9 months. That makes his accomplishments so far, even more amazing.

While some in the media like to focus on his defeats, I like to focus on his accomplishments. Every great athlete finally succumbs to the new generation. Michael Phelps is still making his competitors work for every stroke in the pool.

USA Women's Gymnastic Team Destroys the Field for Team Gold
I'm not a huge gymnastics fan but I do love great performances by our US athletes, especially when they destroy rival Russian teams.

Today, the USA Women's Gymnastics team destroyed the field to win the team gold. The event seemed over before it even started. Seeing the Russian ladies pout as the inevitable sunk in was beautiful. What a great moment for the team.

The women's team hadn't won the team gold at the Olympics since 1996. This team might be the best one ever!

USA Women's Soccer Team Defeats DPR (North Korea) 1-0
What a match for the women's team. The only thing that could have been better would have been if the women had connected on all their chances and crushed DPR 7 or 10-0.

DPR stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. That's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one. Democratic? That's like calling Stalin a Capitalist. I guess they want their people to believe that North Korea is the pillar of freedom and democracy. Yeah right.

I do feel like the DPR team played dirty at times. They were no match for the Americans and had to resort to bad tackles to try and slow team USA down.

Team USA didn't let anything phase them and eliminated the democratic people's team from competition.

Team USA Mega Upset Over Argentina in Women's Field Hockey
Team USA had never beaten the Argentina in the Olympics in Women's Field Hockey. On day 4 in London that all changed as the Americans upset #2 ranked Argentina 1-0. This is another sport that I don't watch that much but it was exciting to see.

As the match progressed and time was running out, you could see the frustration on the Argentina's faces. It was another beautiful and exciting moment for me. It was nice to see Team USA wash that cockiness off their faces and to put them in their places.

There's no doubt that Argentina will still compete for the gold medal and this is only a minor setback for them. That doesn't change how losing to a supposedly inferior American squad had to sting and sting it did.

 All in all, this was an exciting day for me and the results mentioned above put a smile on my face.

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