Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lakers Make Splash by Signing Nash

The L.A. Lakers continued their tradition of acquiring big name players by acquiring veteran point guard, Steve Nash but in this instance they may have picked a player who has jumped the proverbial shark.

Steve Nash Signed Photograph - Pheonix MVP Trophy 16x20It is obvious they are in a win now mode and the catalyst may be trying to get Kobe another ring but are they selling their future for a shot at a title before Kobe's time runs out? It is hard to question the Lakers judgment as they have used this formula to find success in the past.

This signing does not make the Lakers instant contenders but it should put them in the top 6 teams with a chance. They need to add another piece to puzzle before they become real threats to Miami, OKC and San Antonio as Nash has not proven he alone can put his team over the top.

Nash has no rings and only a couple Western Conference final appearances under his belt to go with his MVP trophies. The beauty of sports is that we can speculate on how these things will turn out for the next 2 months and then actually see it play out in front of our eyes.

There are so many questions to answer such as; can Steve Nash and Kobe co-exist?,can they find the chemistry to make it work before father time catches up to both of them? Will there be enough touches for either of them to be satisfied or happy?

It took the Miami Heat just 2 years to work out their issues but Lebron and D-Wade assumed their roles and relished in them. It is hard to see Kobe taking a back seat to Nash, even if he wanted this trade to happen. At the end of the day it will come down to Kobe and how strong his hunger pains are for another title.

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