Monday, July 2, 2012

Jets Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

The Winnipeg Jets made a surprising move on Sunday picking up 14 goal scorer Alexi Ponikorovsky of the New Jersey Devil but also lost Tanner 'T of the GST line' Glass to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chris Mason to the Predators and Jonas the Monster Gustaffson to the Wings.

Downtown Highrise Buildings from The Forks at Dawn, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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I am not shocked that Mason or the Monster headed for greener pastures. Mason was not going to get much more playing time this season and while he showed he cared and embraced the Jets inaugural season, taking it all in and saying all the right things, the writing was on the door with the re-siging and stellar play of Mr. Pavelic.

As for the monster, we never even got to know him and he served his purpose by showing Mr. P that he could be replaced if necessary. The departure of Tanner Glass is a curious one as he all but proclaimed that he would be back with the Jets and the signing of Jim Slater seemed to be an indication that the Jets wanted to keep the GST line intact.

After weighing his options, it appears that Tanner saw the Glass as being half empty here and almost full in Pittsburgh, where they are light years closer to a Cup than the Jets currently are. I do not begrudge Glass for chasing his dream of winning a Cup and who wouldn't want to be on a team with Sid the Kid, Marc Andre Fluery and the Amazing Mr. Malkin.

Glass goes to a good hockey and sports City but it still stings when a player that sang the praises of the City, the fans and the organization only a few months earlier spurns them for another team and City. We may never know if the Jets low balled Glass and forced his hand but whatever the reason is, it’s hard to see him and his lunch bucket work ethic go.

It must be put in perspective that he only had one goal last season and that would make him a fourth liner or AHL'er for many NHL teams, considering the fact that almost all other third line NHL'ers outscored him last year, including the likes of Greg Campbell of Boston ( 8 goals), Mike Rupp of the Rangers( 4 goals )and Vladimir Sobotka of the Blues (5 goals).

Those are just a few but others will say it was the intangibles he brought to the ice, such as leading the teams in hits and being a good penalty killer. Ultimately, we won't know how badly he will or won't be missed until the midway point of next year. For now we can just thank him for his service, wish him well and wonder how many other Jets are just telling us what we want to hear!

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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