Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is Joe Paterno Burning in Hell?

Luis Freeh's 8 month investigation into the child sex abuse scandal that has rocked Penn State is now over and it points a terrible picture of Joe Paterno and other top university officials. According to the report, Paterno and others covered up the allegations to protect the image of the university.

Now, the University's image is tarnished and many think that Paterno was a scumbag. If we think that Sandusky is an animal, wasn't Paterno also an animal? He allowed a child predator to continue and continue and continue and continue to rape children.

This report sickens me. Joe Paterno should be vilified and all references of his name should be removed from the university. That may sound crazy but what that horrible man covered up is a sick and inhumane. Paterno allegedly was more concerned with the school's reputation and image than the safety of children.

There is no defense for Paterno's actions. He was a sick man. His failings were terrible. When I see images of Paterno, I see a monster and a sick human being. That makes me ask this question; is Paterno burning in hell?

My mom told me never to talk badly about the dead but in this case, I feel I will be forgiven. I feel the need to voice my opinion. If we shut up about how we feel, other sickos will feel that they can get away with these sordid actions.

Joe Paterno should be ridiculed. We should all be disgusted when we here his name. We should associate the name "Joe Paterno" with evil. Paterno must have had no backbone or morals. He must have been void of compassion for kids.

Joe Paterno must have been so consumed with his personal success that he couldn't waste a minute to ensure that children were safe at his institution. He must have been void of common decency, since a good man wouldn't allow a child predator to continue to have a shelter and safe haven to rape children.

I fear that this report is just the tip of the iceberg. Before we know it, there might be much more we didn't know about the evil ways of Joe Paterno.

If all the allegations are true, I hope that Joe Paterno's soul is being tortured. I hope he is now receiving justice for his actions and inactions.

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