Monday, July 2, 2012

Garry Bettman & The NHL Tolerates Dirty Play

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By reducing repeat dirty play offender Raffi Torres's 25 game ban to 21, Gary Bettman and the NHL showed that they don't only tolerate and condone dirty play, they absolutely enjoy it.

Gary Bettman and his NHL henchman claim that the league is serious about dealing with dirty hits, especially ones to the head, I believe they are only providing lip service to their fans and aren't serious about eliminating dirty and disgusting play from the NHL.

Raffi Torress is a repeat offender. He was initially given a stiff penalty because he was a repeat offender. Gary Bettman showed every NHL fan that he is a gutless baffoon. I'm disgusted by his actions and also very disappointed that he reduced Raffi's ban.

The NHL remains light years behind the NFL in dealing with blows and hits to the head. It seems that Gary's counterpart, Roger Goodell, is taking the matter seriously. He has implemented a policy to deal with headshots. He is trying to implement a policy that is consistent.

The NHL, led by former NBA guy Bettman, is clueless and just sent NHL players a mixed message. That mixed message was also being sent during the playoffs. While I believe some players were given multiple game suspensions for doing nothing, some guys could have beheaded an opponent and received no suspension. While I may be over exasperating this, the truth is that I'm confused by Bettman's actions today.

I wonder if Bettman is giving the Coyotes a break here. This is pure speculation on my part but the NHL still owns the Coyotes, until the deal to sell them has been approved and the team in fact remains in Phoenix. I think that Bettman is playing favorites in this case and that is horrible.

Torres deserved 25 games. He deserved it because he's shown that he disregards the safety of his opponents. He deserved because he's shown that he's a head hunter. He's deserved it because he's a disgusting player.

Raffi Torres is laughing today. He now knows that the people who run the NHL are a joke. He knows that he doesn't have to take the NHL seriously.

Bettman might have said that the NHL doesn't tolerate hits to the head or repeat offenses. The fact is that the NHL does tolerate these things. Why else would you reduce the ban of Torres by 4 games? Why else would you reduce the ban of a player who is a repeat offender?

There isn't a good answer to those questions. Sportmentary is left believing that the NHL does tolerate dirty play by its players.

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