Monday, July 2, 2012

Dwight Howard Needs Professional Help

Dwight Howard, currently of the Orlando Magic is in serious need of professional counseling. In this case it needs to be a mental health professional. I'm not a fan of this cry baby but I think if you look deeper into this guy, you will see someone who needs help.

Autographed Dwight Howard Photo - 8x10 ) (JSA Image #6I'm not an expert in mental health. I'm just an outside observer. It would be easy for me to write a post bashing Howard and his antics over the past year. It would be easy to call him a selfish player. It would be easy to call him a disgrace to the game and it would be easy to call him a polarizing figure.

All those things might be true but let's look at his actions. Here's a guy who I believe tried to get a coach fired and was successful. Here's a guy who is a constant complainer and disruption to his team. Howard said a few months back that he would not sign his option for his last year of his contract. Then he changed his mind.

Then he said he was forced into signing the deal and wants the NBAPA to investigate coercion by the Magic. If that doesn't sound like a man who is misguided and out of touch with reality, I don't know what is. Now Howard is said he will re-sign with one team, the Brooklyn Nets.

So now the Magic have one option? I don't think Howard understands that the team will most likely not agree to it. They might let it ride. Who's to say that the Nets want this guy? If I were the nets, I would stay as far away as Howard as I can.

In fact, if I were any NBA team, I wouldn't want Howard. I would be concerned that he would disrupt the chemistry of the team. I would worry that he would constantly ask to be traded. I would worry that he wouldn't listen to his coaches.

Howard is a man who needs help. His actions aren't normal. They are those of a man who seems to be crying for help. While, I might be off base with the mental issues piece, he definitely needs counseling on how to act like a grown man.

Howard's actions are more like a child than a grown man. He should be ashamed of his actions. They are disruptive to everyone around him, including himself. One thing is certain, I'm sick of reading about this guy, even if he provides great fodder for my posts.

I hope that Howard finds himself riding the bench and then having no team to go to. Maybe then, he will address his issues and his actions. Until then, Howard will be regarded as one of the most selfish players in the NBA. He will be ridiculed and mocked at. He's bringing this on himself.

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