Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do the Seahawks Have the Best Defense in the NFL?

Do the Seattle Seahawks have the best defense in the NFL? If you are one of the visitors to ProFootballWeekly.com who voted for the team's defense, you think they will have the best defense in 2012. If you are me, you think it's a complete and utter joke. So who do I think has the best defense heading into 2012?

Here are my top 3. I think that they match up pretty well with the experts at ProFootballWeekly.com:
3) Pittsburgh Steelers - The bread and butter of the Steelers have always been their defense. This is true of the team in the past few years as well. While they have a top tier quarterback in Ben Rothlisberger, it's been their defense that has allowed the team to make the playoffs year in and year out.

I don't anticipate seeing the team's defense taking much of a hit in 2012. The biggest concern will be the Steeler's offense and how Big Ben adjusts to a new coordinator and offense. At least Ben can be assured that the Steelers will have a great defense to help win some games.

2) Baltimore Ravens - The ravens have had one of the best defenses for more than a decade. This year, the Ravens will battle the other NFL teams for top spot. In my opinion the Ravens will have the second best defense in the league.

It's often said that defenses win championships and in the case of the 2000 Ravens that was true. In my opinion that will not be the case with the Ravens this year. The Ravens biggest question mark is Joe Flacco. He hasn't proven to me that the team can count on him to win the big playoff games.

If Joe can prove me wrong, the Ravens would be one of my frontrunners to be the AFC's representative in the Super Bowl. While defenses can help a team win it all, they still need to put enough points and drives together.

1) San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith showed that he could play well within Head Coach Jim Harbaugh's system. Smith had some big plays and came really close to making the Super Bowl in 2012.

I think that the 49ers have the best defense. I think they will build on a great 2011season and be even better. In the 49ers case, it might just be true that their defense will win the team a Super Bowl. The 49ers are my pre-season choice of winning it all.

With the addition of Randy Moss, Alex Smith might just have another breakout year. Can you imagine a top offense with the NFL's best defense. It could be lights out for their opponents.

One thing is certain to me, the Seahawks aren't a top 5, 7, or top 10 defense. That's my opinion. When the Seahawks go 7-9 in the coming season, Seahawks fans might need to eat crow. OK, wrong bird but you get the point.

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