Monday, July 9, 2012

Did Andy Murray Lose the Wimbledon Final or Did Roger Federer Win It?

Video source: You Tube courtesy of ESPN.
I ask the question because of some of the comments and headlines I read following Roger Feeder's historic 7th Wimbledon title and 17th Grand Slam tournament. Federer cemented himself as one of the greatest tennis players ever. He is also one of the greatest male athletes ever.

I saw one headline that used the word "chokes" in referring to Murray. That is nonsense. It doesn't deserve me repeating it. So I won't. Let's move on.

I also I visited a major sports site last night and read the following word to describe Murray's defeat. The word was "pummeled", which was used by one of the site's writer's. That is not only factually incorrect but insulting. The match didn't come easy to the Swiss player. Federer lost the first set and had to fight to win the second set 7-5. Murray looked like he might be able to pull it off after the first 2 sets.

Roger, did kick it into another gear. He showed why he is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Another  word used to describe Murray and his unfortunate loss was "Crashes". Really? That word would lead you to believe that Murray caused his defeat.

Murray was beaten because Federer was the better player. Federer won the match. Andy gave it all he had. It wasn't enough. Even Djokovic, who entered Wimbledon as the best tennis player in the world, lost to Federer.

Andy couldn't have done much more to beat Federer. Roger had his sights set on a 7th Wimbledon title and nothing was going to get in his way. Murray, had a great tournament. We should applaud his efforts. How many people actually believed he would make it to the final?

Not many. Seriously folks. Andy was the first Brit to reach the final in 74 years. Let's give him credit for that. Let's not say he was pummeled when he wasn't. Let's not say he crashed when he didn't. Andy gave it all he had and didn't crash.

I also think the word "crashes", is insulting to Federer's performance. Only an amateur would think that. Federer didn't face an opponent who crashed. Murray faced an opponent who soared to victory. Federer was going to win the title no matter who he faced.

He proved that by beating Djokovic. He wasn't expected to beat the world's number 1 player (#1 at the time). Djokovic was the favorite to defend his title. So was Djokovic pummeled? Did he crash? Did he choke? I don't think so.

So to answer the question in the headline, Federer won the match. It was never really there for Andy to win.

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