Thursday, July 19, 2012

Could Another Nashville Predator Defenseman Fly the Coop?

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Could another Nashville Predator defenseman fly the coop? It looks very possible. Shea Weber an All-Star defenseman, has signed an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers. The deal is a 14 year contract worth 100 million green ones.

While the Predators have said they would match any offer sheet that Weber would sign, the contract would place a financial burden on the team, especially since it is front loaded. The Predators might not have any choice but to sign Weber.

Earlier this month, former Predator All-Star, Ryan Suter signed a 13 year, 98 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Wild. If Nashville lost Weber, their defense would be depleted and Weber would leave the Predators with a huge crater in the ice to fill.

Another reason for matching the Flyers offer is that if Nashville would decline to offer, they would receive 4 first round draft picks. As states, the Flyers have had no higher than a 20th pick. That's not that great for Nashville.

I would sign Weber. To me it's a no brainer, especially since the Predators could drown on their melted ice without a quality blueliner. They would then have to spend money on a good janitorial company to mop up all the water that was left behind.

This has been a terrible offseason for the club. Their players are moving to colder pastures and the lure of the sunshine doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. It seems as if NHL players want to win and want to go to markets that are hockey hotbeds. Funny calling Minnesota a hotbed but it is when talking about hockey.

I'm curious to see what the Predators decide. They are looking more like the prey, day after day. Maybe signing Weber will prevent them from being eaten up a live next season. From my perspective, I've never been a real fan of hot climate markets, unless it's LA.

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