Saturday, July 21, 2012

CFL Via NBC Sports - Hooray!!!

Video Source: You Tube courtesy of CFLTV
The CFL (Canadian Football League) has signed a new deal with NBC Sports Network for the US network to televise the league's playoff games and the Grey Cup, the CFL's championship game. This is great news for the CFL and Sportmentary.

As many of our readers know, Sportmentary grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and loves the Canadian game. Sportmentary also has a Winnipeg Blue Bombers update page and a weekly Bombers recap podcast. The site is a huge fan of the CFL. Sportmentary is excited that playoff games and the Grey Cup will be aired in the USA.

Some fans on Canadian sites and online papers are laughing at the deal. One person who commented on a site mentioned that it would be good for the "5 fans" who watch he game in this country. That type of ignorant statement can't be further form the truth.

There are many Canadian Ex-pats like myself who live in the United States and still love the CFL. Fans like us, who number in the tens of thousands will watch games. While the Canadian game is obviously a work in progress in this country, there are many US sports fans who watch the game.

I visit numerous sports sites and social media sites and have had discussions with a number of Americans who not only follow the Canadian game but are extremely knowledgeable about it. These fans will try to grow the game in this country.

It also never hurts for the CFL to be paid by an American network who is willing to market the game. What's the worst that can happen. NBC Sports is a huge coup. Comcast, the largest network provider bought NBC in early 201l.

I remember some Canadian NHL fans laughing about that as well and the fact that only a handful of Americans watch hockey. This past NHL season was the most successful for the league and it was greatly due to the new NBC Sports Network. The new network could tap into many Comcast  networks which televised local games. It also allowed the network to televise almost every NHL playoff game.

I don't think the sports giant would take on this role unless they felt confident that they had fan interest in the CFL and that they could grow the game even more. This is great for the CFL and could be a huge step in gaining more viewers.

I hope the game is successful here. If it did well on NBC Sports Network, maybe they would consider televising a game of the week.

This CFL fan says Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

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