Friday, July 6, 2012

Calvillo & Company Carve up the Bombers

The reports of Anthony Calvillo's demise were premature and over exaggerated as he threw for over 200 yards in the first quarter alone en route to leading the Alouettes to a 41-30 victory over the winless road warriors from Winnipeg.
ANTHONY CALVILLO Montreal Alouettes SIGNED 8x10 CFL PhotoThe Bombers fall to 0-2 on the season and must now take their road show to Edmonton. The Bombers defense or lack there of was also scorched by Brandon Whitaker who had 11 receptions for 137 yards, 98 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. The game got off to an ominous start for the Blue as they gave up a TD on the Alouettes first possession and the home team didn't look back as it was off to the races.

Buck Pierce managed to make it through the game unscathed and showed some chemistry with veteran Terrance Edwards and rookie Chris Matthews but undisciplined and ill timed penalties cost the tream. With Calvillio getting his groove back, it made it an uphill climb and the Bombers ran out of oxygen and time.

They were only trailing by 4 points at the end of the half but the Alouettes scored on their first possession of the second half. The Bombers got some life when Demond Washington returned a punt 82 yards for a touchdown. Then Calvillo took over after that and the Alouettes did not look back except to see the Bombers 'd' chasing Mr. Whitaker.

The Bombers suffered another injury, losing Alex Suber early in the game and their youth movement continues to be a work in progress as they were schooled by the veteran laden crew from Montreal.

Montreal kept their composure despite being flagged for 5 pass interference penalties that had resulted in several scoring chances inside the redzone.

Fortunately the season is young and the Bombers will get a boost on offense once Corey Watson returns. When Marcellus Bowman gets back in the line up, the defense should get a boost but this squad is a work in progress and light years behind last year,s team in discipline, leadership and chemistry.

This lack of veteran eladership will make for a long and frustrating season for the fans who want a championship now and not in 3 years.

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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