Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Lose in a Brink of an Eye

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers suffered their 4th consecutive loss to start the 2012 season as the Toronto Argonauts downed them 25-22 in a hard fought battle. There was only one way for the Blue to go after last weeks debacle in Edmonton and the Bombers held the lead until Rick Ray hooked up with Jason Barnes for the game winning touchdown with just over 2 minutes to play.

The Bombers did get the ball back with time on the clock and good field position after a tremendous kick return by Demond Washington but Alex brink showed his inexperience and new offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton chose to go for the big play to win the game rather than try to pick up some short gains to get into field goal range, despite Justin Palardy having a perfect night( going 4 for 4).

Chad Simpson also showed that he has the talent to play in this league but he was not utilized to his full potential and was weak at pass blocking, leaving Alex brink exposed several times but it was his first game in the CFL and the Bombers may have found their answer at running back.

The good news is the Winnipeg defense got back on track playing with some swagger (the overused phrase to describe the Blue defense). Ricky Ray did throw for over 300 yards but he did feel some heat and was sacked on a few occasions. The defense also held Cory Boyd in check. Unfortunately for the Bombers, despite their improved play on defense, the result was the same and to the victor goes the spoils.

The Bombers did suffer several injuries during the game including Terrance Edwards going down with a pulled muscle and safety Ian Logan was also unable to play most of the game. Coach Lapolice said he must look at the game film before assessing Mr. Brinks performance but brink still looks like a raw rookie who tries to force the ball into tight spots and he doesn't appear to have the arm strength to do that on a regular basis.

On the Argos side of the ball , they look like the same team as last year with a ferocious defense and a mediocre offense but with Ricky Ray at the controls they will always be a threat and could easily be the east rep for the Grey Cup. 

The Bombers face a monumental task, trying to climb out of this disastrous start. At least they will be doing it at home for the next 4 games, starting with the season home opener against Edmonton next week. Hopefully they will have Mr. Edwards back in the line up as Brink could use him as a target.

The season may still be young but this is a must win game for the Bombers for several reasons, including building on their performance against the Argos and to generate some excitement for the fans who will not react kindly to another losing effort, no matter how close a game it was tonight. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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