Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romo Better Than Eli?

Is Tony Romo better than Eli Manning? Not a chance. I really think that anyone who thinks that, is out of touch about the reality of the two quarterbacks. Romo's resume sucks. Eli Manning's is impressive.

If you're former New York Giants player Amani Toomer, you believe that Romo is better than Eli Manning. If you're Toomer, you are also an idiot. This guy is now an analyst. If his employer pays him more than a penny, it's highway robbery.

Toomer is good for one thing. That's making outlandish comments so that I can write posts like this to bash the moron. I really do question Toomer's motives. He must want ratings. He must want to shock the NFL. He's doing a good job at shocking me but if he's looking for ratings, I'm not sure if that's working out too well.

Toomer has lost credibility in my mind. Comments like this make a person look like a clown. They make the person look like he should choose another career.

Eli Manning is a two time Super Bowl Champion and a Super Bowl MVP. He had a great playoff run in 2012 and showed great skill and leadership. While Eli has been erratic during parts of his career, he has had some really great moments.

If we're taking about being erratic, Tony Romo is the poster child for the NFL in that category. He's up and down more than a yo yo. Has he had some good moments? Some but not nearly enough. He's been putrid in the playoffs. He's not a top tier quarterback.

I beleive Eli Manning is a top 7 NFL regular season quarterback but if I had a choice of playoff quarterbacks, he makes my top 3 list. Winning championships is what counts in the NFL or any sport. Eli is a proven champion. He's a proven winner. He's a proven leader.

Romo hasn't proven anything. At times he's been a great liability. Romo doesn't make my top 20 list of quarterbacks that I would choose to lead my team in the playoffs.

With all the evidence stacked up against Romo or who I call Choko Romo, what was Toomer thinking? It's clear to me that he wasn't thinking. There is no way that Romo is a better quarterback than Eli Manning.

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