Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Update - Edition #1

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Bomber update. We will provide our insight after each Bomber game and hope that you will follow us as the Bombers wind and weave their way through a grueling 18 game season. This year the Blue are hoping that their string of bad luck is up as they (whoever they are) say that bad luck happens in 3's. The bad luck started in 2011 with the sudden and tragic death of Coach Harris, then the loss to the B.C. Lions in the 2011 Grey Cup and now Stadium gate (the hopes and dreams of starting 2012 in a brand new building dashed by construction delays).

Any way you look at it, the Bombers luck has to change for the better or will it? The off season and training camp has resulted in a purging of veterans such as defensive stalwart Doug Brown (retirement), Joe Lougbendan (cut), Odell Willis (traded) and most recently 2011 assistant defensive captain, Klint Kent (cut). This leaves the terrible tweeters, Jovon Johnson and Jonothan Hefney to lead the defense and keep the boys in line. I think this is an accident waiting to happen but maybe they will realize that it is time to grow up and let their play do the talking for them.

On the offensive side of the ball the quarterback situation is set with Buck Pierce at the helm, backed up by Alex' is he or isn't he on the' Brink (of being a starter) and Joey Elliot, all returning. The Bombers receiving core took a hit when they lost Greg Carr to free agency (but are hopeful Chris Matthews can fill in for him)

The o-line may just be the weakest link with Brendan Labatte in Saskatchewan and Obby Khan choosing to retire rather than take a pay cut. The running back spot was all but handed to Chris Garrett who played well in place of Fred Reid but it remains to be seen if he can keep up the play for 18 games.

The Bombers are playing their own game of Russian roulette by going with a youth movement and showing little regard for veterans (a complete 180 from the Brendan Taman regime), which is not good for team morale (as evidenced by the terrible tweeters reaction to some of the off season and training camp moves). If the youth movement fails, it should fall squarely on Joe Macks shoulders, as he has cultivated this atmosphere of apathy for veterans but he ,being a savvy veteran himself, has also done a good job of making Coach Lapolice look like the fall guy.

We all remember Doug Berry's fate after losing a Grey Cup. It will be an uphill battle for the club as they start the season with 4 straight on the road. This will either result in either a boom or a bust and I fear the latter will happen faster than management can cut, trade or force a veteran to retire. In any event it will be an exciting season, boom or bust!

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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