Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When You Make a Deal With a Punk, You Get Burned

When it comes to the NFL, I've always thought that teams can be stupid when dealing with some of their punk players. When you make a deal with a punk, you get burned. The New York Jets are learning that one of their players doesn't care about living up to the contract that he signed.

Darrelle Revis Signed Photo - Celebrating 8x10That player is Darrelle Revis. Revis is one of the best players in his position but he is also has a huge ego and little character to match that ego. In fact, I believe that Darrelle Revis is void of character. He's a two bit punk. He's more trouble than his talent is worth.

A couple of years ago, the New York Jets crafted a contract that Revis signed. It had an anti-holdout clause. that was iron clad They felt this was needed as Revis is the holdout Queen. The Jets might be wrong. There is a very good chance that Revis will holdout again as the last two years of his contract nears. Those two years will pay him considerably less than the first two (Which were front loaded).

What are the Jets to do. They have two sign this guy, right? No they don't. They can release him. Revis isn't the only player in his position. Revis is good but did the Jets make the playoffs last year? Well that might not be fair. They didn't miss the playoffs because of him.

Revis's head is too big for his body. He's a disgusting person. I was raised to honor the deals that I signed. Unless a party to the deal, violates that deal, I do my best to honor it. Revis may have had plans of never honoring the deal he signed. It seems it was always in his plans to holdout again.

Those are the actions of a clown. They are the actions of a person void of moral character. Those are the actions of a person who lacks decency and honor. Those are the actions of punk player. If I were the Jets, I would walk away from this creep.

I would let Revis be a headcase for another team. Let another team deal with his antics and his ego. Let another team learn what a punk he his

When you deal with a punk, you get burned. The Jets are about to get burned by Revis. They should have seen this coming. What evidence did they have that Revis would be a man of honor? What evidence did they have that Revis would be man who honored his contract? They didn't have any evidence. As far as Revis is concerned, I'm not aware of any evidence that shows he's a man with integrity.

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