Monday, June 25, 2012

Soccer: Can't They Score a Dang Goal Within 5 Yards of the Goal?

Soccer, known as football to everyone outside of the United States and Canada has to be one of the most frustrating sports to watch. It might also be one of the most boring to watch as a spectator. I'm sure it's fun to play but watching it is like pulling teeth. I know this will not be a popular post for many readers.

I watched the Euro Cup quarter final between England & Italy on Sunday afternoon. The game was a draw through 90 minutes and the two extra 15 minute time periods. It took penalty kicks, the most idiotic way to end a game, for Italy to notch the win. Italy deserved to win.

Italy outplayed England. They had possession of the ball for more than 67% of the time. They also had more scoring chances. The problem is that soccer/football players don't know how to score. They are imbeciles. How can't a soccer star score a goal when he's five yards or 5 feet away on a 24 foot wide goal?

It's laughable. I've watched game after game where this happens and the announcers ridicule the player for not scoring. Why would they ridicule the player? It's not like it doesn't occur most of the time. The crazy thing is that soccer stars are paid obscene amounts of money to miss the goal. Sure they get one here and there but the totality of their work doesn't cut it as far as I'm concerned.

The other thing that annoys me is that in soccer, a shot is counted if it comes within 1 mile of the goal. A player can kick the ball 1,000 feet wide or 30,000 feet over the bar and it counts as a shot. I guess all that matters is that the player attempts to score a goal.

In hockey, you actually have to shoot the puck on net for it to count as a shot. If you shoot the puck wide of the net or over the crossbar, it doesn't count as a shot.

I've tried to give soccer the benefit of the doubt. I've watched games where I was praying that the combined score at then end of a game would be more than 1-0. I've tried to witness so called talented soccer players, scoring goals when they have the chance.

It's one thing if a goalkeeper makes a great save. It's quite another thing to witness a player who has a wide open net, miss it completely. If this were an anomaly and not common place, I could shrug it off. The problem is that poor execution by soccer players is too common.

These guys can't put the ball in the back of the goal if their lives depended on it. This even occurs in the during penalty kicks. Unlike the penalty shot in hockey, where the goalie has the upper hand, in soccer it's almost impossible for the goalkeeper to make save or even get his hands to touch the ball.

Even with the odds greatly in favor of the penalty kick striker, they find a way to kick the ball wide of the goal or 80,000 feet over it. I sat on my couch, waiting for a player to execute, to find a way to score a dang goal. What I was left to watch was the lame and awful penalty kicks.

What a dumb way to end a soccer match. I'd rather watch a match until someone scored a goal. I know that in soccer, you would have to wait for players to collapse on the field for their opponents to have a shot at scoring a goal. These guys can't do it unless everyone around them is dropping like flies. Maybe, even then a striker would still find a way to miss the goal.

If you can convince me that I'm wrong about what I feel I'm witnessing when watching a soccer match, please comment on this post (Comment link is below).

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