Thursday, June 7, 2012

Santonio Holmes Should Be Benched, Traded or Released is reporting that Santonio Holmes had a meltdown and left practice early. He was apparently upset that coaches were working him too hard.

Hey, Holmes, You Jackass, what do you think practice is for? Practice isn't for picking your nose and sitting on your rump.  Santonio Homes is a lazy and disruptive player. He's the type of guy that is a cancer to the locker room.

Santonio Holmes Autographed Photograph  Details: Pittsburgh Steelers, 8x10Holmes had issues last year as well. He's the type of player that needs to be benched for the entire year, released or traded. The Jets are trying to rebound from a poor 2011 season. One of the problems they had was with players who were like Holmes, who were more interested in being little cry babies than playing football.

Rex Ryan seems to have more focus this year. The problem for him will be to weed out talented players who underachieve and who have egos the size of the Big Apple. These types of players could help the team if they dedicated themselves to their profession and were good teammates. These same players can just as easily cause turmoil within the team.

I don't think Holmes will ever humble himself and do the right things. I think he's too selfish. He's a me, me, me type of guy. I don't believe he has any idea what it takes to play within a team system. I don't believe that he has a good work ethic. I think he's a lazy guy who deserves to sit on the bench and not stand on the field with players who are putting forth an effort.

Holmes doesn't deserve to be on the same field as other players who are willing to do everything they can to be productive players and to do what's best for the team. Holmes might enjoy sitting on the bench. He could then take the siestas he seems to want to take during practice.

It's not a joke. It's disgusting that a player would have a mental breakdown because he believes that the coaching staff is working him hard. He's an embarrassment to his team and the NFL. He is a clown. I'd like to know how hard he was being worked. I haven't heard about any other player complaining.

Holmes got into a confrontation with quarterback (QB) Mark Sanchez last year and he also criticized the QB. While I'm not a a fan of the QB, Santonio Holmes was out of line and he acted in a disgusting manner. I believe that Rex Ryan should have released him then.

If Rex Ryan wants to win, he has to cut out the cancer that's destroying the Jets. Santonio Holmes is the major source of that cancer. He must be cut out of the team. The Jets must trade him, bench him for an entire season or release him.

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