Monday, June 18, 2012

Rodger The Dodger - Clemens Not Guilty

Today, Roger the Dodger, Roger Clemens was found not guilty of obstructing and lying to congress. Sportmentary expected this decision. I felt the charges were extremely hard to prove and the evidence was terrible at best.

This doesn't mean that I believe that Clemens never took steroids. It means that the two awful trials that the Feds tried were a huge waste of taxpayers money. It also means that I thought the Feds had a terrible evidence and an even worse star witness.

If I were putting a defendant on trial, I wouldn't want a witness like Brian McNamee. I don't think Brian was being truthful on a number of matters and the defense did a great job of showing that to the jury. Brian's wife also contradicted him on some points.

The way that Brian stored evidence was suspect. It makes me shudder to think that the Feds could waste taxpayers' money and the court's time on this case.

I think there are bigger fish to fry than a guy who might have lied to congress about taking steroids. If I had a dollar every time a congressman lied to the public, I believe I would be a billionaire.

Clemens real punishment will come in the form of probably not being elected into the MLB Hall of Fame. He will most likely be judged by the pubic to be a steroids user. That is good enough for me and I'm sure Roger Clemens is relieved today.

As mentioned above, I take issue with the Federal Government that they retried this case. The first case ended in a mistrial after a judge ruled that there was prosecutorial misconduct. That should have been the end of the trial. The Feds shouldn't have been able to have a mulligan.

I've got a huge smile on my face that federal prosecutors have egg on their face. It's not that I don't respect the law or the work that most prosecutors do. It's because I believe that these prosecutors misused their authority and influence.

I'm mad that they wasted my money. How the heck do these guys get off wasting millions of dollars on a weak case and some people can't even feed their families? We're told that the Federal Government is cash strapped, yet they wasted gobs of money on this case.

In the end, the jury looked at the evidence and believed it didn't meet the test to convict Clemens. They might have thought  that this was a stupid case. They might have also felt that this case shouldn't have been brought to trial. In either case, Roger was the Dodger today!

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