Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Plea to the NHL & NHLPA

I've written extensively in the past few months about the NHL. I've also voiced my pleasure for the 2012 NHL playoffs and how fun they were to watch. I just loved the 2011/12 NHL season. It was a joy to watch the games and comment about some of them.

I turn my attention and pleas to the NHL and NHLPA. I urge both organizations to work out their differences to ensure that there isn't any stoppage of play or cancellation of games for the 2012/13 season.

This coming season is an opportunity for the NHL to build on the excitement and popularity of the 2012 playoffs, especially in the United States. It's a given that Canadians love hockey and the NHL. Canadian households are tuned into the playoffs.

The United States is different. The NHL consistently ranks 4th out of the major North American sports. The 2012 playoffs were a ratings boon to the NHL. The reason can be partly attributed to Comcast purchasing NBC/Universal. This allowed millions of viewers across the United States to have access to regional NHL hockey games. It also allowed the expanded network to cover far more games, especially in the playoffs.

Now is the time that the NHL and NHLPA should capitalize on that new found success and ratings. Having a lockout or stoppage will turn away fans. The two organizations need to compromise and find an agreement that works for both sides and one that grows the game we all love.

This is NOT the time for petty antics. This is not the time for one party or the other to try and outmaneuver the other side. This is the time for all parties in the NHL to work together as real partners to capitalize on the success of the playoff season

It's time to build on the success that the LA Lings Stanley Cup Championship brought to the NHL. There is real excitement about NHL hockey here in the United States. The NHL and the NHLPA would be foolish to look the other way and not embrace this excitement.

I've always loved hockey but this 2011/12 campaign brought me back to the NHL in a huge way. As a fan, I don't really care about one side's position over another. Both parties have valid points of view. All I care about is that both sides honestly and with good intent work out a new collective bargaining agreement soon, so that the 2012/13 NHL season isn't delayed.

As mentioned in a recent article, I'm having NHL withdrawals. I can't wait until next season to start. I'm not the only one. The NHL can't afford to allow this type of enthusiasm to wane. That would be poor for business and marketing of the sport.

I really hope that both sides can see the big picture and capitalize on the success of the past season. I hope that both sides can see each other as business partners and not foes. This is the time for both parties to partner with one another instead of fighting one another.

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