Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ovechkin Even Disliked in DC

Alexander "Ovechloss" Ovechkin has been voted the worst local DC athlete by Washington readers. Washington sports fans are just realizing what Ovechkin haters have realized for years. He's a loser!

I've disliked this perennial choke artist and underachiever for years. He has a huge ego but his performances during playoff time have been less than stellar. He's a disgrace to his team. My real hatred occurred after Canada had eliminated Ovechloss and the Russians during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The sore loser was rude to reporters and wouldn't even respond to their questions.

Alex OvechkinHe showed me that he is not only pathetic when it counts but a guy who is a rude and spoiled player. My dislike turned to hatred back then.

Does anyone remember the Ovechtrick commercials? I would like to see some Ovechnot commercials. So the guy can score some goals in the regular season but he can't get his team very far into the playoffs. I really don't think he's close to being the best player in the world. I do think he has one of the biggest egos in sports.

I hope Ovechnot is happy that his home town readers voted him the worst athlete in the DC area. That's hilarious. Realistically that is nonsense. Ovechkin may not be the best local athlete and he might be an underachiever when it comes to winning but he's nowhere near the bottom of the list.

I guess Ovechkin has overstayed his welcome in DC. I guess the locals are sick of seeing him play great during the regular season but having nothing to show for it at the end of the season.

I don't blame them. It was a matter of time before DC locals got tired of the egomaniac. It was a matter of time before DC locals started expecting playoff results from the Washington Capitals and their star player.

If Ovechloss is like Lebron James, he will use this rating to his advantage and dedicate himself to improving his game and becoming a winner during the playoffs. It might be stretch for this guy. I'm expecting him to be a selfish guy. Instead if using this t0 improve his game, I'm expecting him to think everyone is crazy.

We'll see what happens. Until Ovechkin wins the Stanley Cup, he might be rated as the worst local athlete year in and year out.

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  1. You've clearly never been to a Capitals home game. Even in the article you linked, the writer blasts the Washingtonian for this poll and says that however they set it up was wrong. A lot of hockey fans worship Ovi, and all Caps fans do. Reporters constantly tried their best to get him to complain about his ice time in the playoffs and he never would, he would always say that what he cares about is winning. Go to a Caps home game sometime, there's a higher percentage of Ovechkin jerseys on Caps fans than there have always been Manning jerseys on Colts fans. Get a life hater.


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