Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sportmentary is Having NHL Withdrawal

It's only been a week since the NHL season ended but Sportmentary is already having NHL withdrawals. For the better part of 2 months, NHL stories consumed me. The NHL playoffs were great. I tuned in every night to watch my favorite match-ups. I couldn't wait for another playoff game.

Let's take you back a year. My renewed love for the NHL began last summer as word broke that the NHL was making its return to the Peg. It's not that I wasn't an NHL fan before. I was. I live in Minneapolis and do like the Wild but I grew up in Winnipeg. Now the Wild are my second favorite team.

Winnipeg is like most Canadian cities. It is a hockey town. Hockey rules. So it was with extreme joy and excitement to learn that I would be able to route for my home town Winnipeg hockey team. I was even happier to learn that the team would be named the Jets.

So, started my love for Jets version 2.0. I followed the Jets throughout the 2011/12 NHL season, until their year ended without the team making the playoffs. With the Jets out of the mix, I had to find another team to cheer for.

That team wasn't apparent until round 2 but it was their round 1 play that gripped me. I've written numerous times that I don't like the Vancouver Canucks. When the LA Kings upset the regular season's top team, I was ecstatic. The Kings would be the team I would cheer for, throughout their Cinderella season.

In round 3, the Kings who had played two good series, matched up against another one of my hated teams. It was the Phoenix Coyotes. While the Coyotes had played well in their own right during the playoffs, they hit a brick wall in the La Kings.

The Kings were headed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for only their second time. This year, you could feel it was their year. They had played great hockey leading up to the finals. The Kings didn't disappoint their fans. They won the cup in 6 games.

It's hard to believe the playoffs are done. It's been a little over a week and I find myself looking for a playoff game to watch every night. There's nothing like hockey. There's nothing like the NHL and there's nothing like the NHL playoffs.

I love sports. That's what I write about and while there's a lot to write about in the sports world, there's nothing like writing about hockey. While I'm sure there will be an odd story here and there during the summer  (There's the NHL draft and I'm sure The Comish will have something to say about it), I will have to find other sports to write about and feel passionate about.

That might not be so hard for me but it still won't be the NHL or hockey. I will continue to have NHL withdrawals until the NHL returns. Why do I say "until". The NHL and the NHLPA's contract expires soon and they have to renegotiate a contract. If they're like any other sport, a strike or lockout is around the corner.

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