Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monster Found Guilty

Jerry Sandusky, the monster that was accused of multiple counts of sexual assault against boys, has been convicted on 45 of 48 counts. This animal will likely spend the rest of his life in jail, where he belongs.

I'm not a violent person but when it comes to crimes against children, who are defenceless against evil men like Sandusky, I wish they had the death penalty for those crimes. I don't even believe in the death penalty. For this crime, I might be willing to be a hypocrite.

It's good that this disgusting degenerate will be off the streets. My wish is that this evil, evil monster will find true justice in prison. I hope that he turns his back the wrong way for just a second, so he could get some justice, prison style. I hope he drops the soap in the shower and learns what a real pain in the ass is.

I hope he finds out what it means to have his nether region torn apart and bleeding. I'm sure that's how his innocent victims felt. Those poor defenceless young men now have justice. Not that it will soothe their pain and memories about what Sandusky did to them but the knowledge that the person who inflicted such horrible violence on them will be put away for the rest of his life must provide some relief.

It's not over for Sandusky. His adopted son has alleged that Sandusky raped him as well. Sandusky could be facing a new round of charges relating to crimes of incest and child sexual abuse. I really hope that once this monster is put away, we don't hear about him again.

I sure hope that the leadership at Penn State has put in place a policy of dealing with crimes like this from occurring at their university. I sure hope that they've mitigated the chance of another potential cover-up from happening again.

Penn State has been in the public eye for a year now, because of the way that their prior leadership handled allegations that Sandusky was raping young men. Crimes like these need to be reported to the police immediately and followed up.

Universities that receive public funds should be held accountable when they have failed their students, victims of sexual assault and the public. I'm not saying that private universities shouldn't be held up to the same standards. Of course they should. What I'm saying is that Penn State needs to pay a penalty for their inaction. That should come from reduced funding from the state or at the very least threats that unreported crimes like this, will be met with the swiftest and harshest of penalties to the university.

I'm happy today that a jury wasn't swayed to meter out leniency or mercy to Sandusky. I'm glad that they saw him for what he was. He's a disgusting, evil abuser of young men. I'm glad that they found him guilty on 45 counts relating to sexual abuse of children. I'm glad that Sandusky is off the streets for good. I say good riddance to Sandusky. May he rot in prison and then hell.

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