Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Miami Heat are Destined to Win 2012 NBA Championship

The Miami Heat, led by Lebron James and Dwayne Wade rebounded in game 2 of the 2012 NBA Finals, to tie the series. The Heat now head back to the friendly confines of Miami. I believe that game 3 on Sunday will determine who the eventual champion is.
I think that Miami is the odds on favorite right now to win game 3 and to win the championship. I think they will win in 6 games. I think the Oklahoma Thunder has an uphill battle, especially with their slow starts. They can't afford to get behind the 8 ball on Sunday. The Heat are too strong a team.

Lebron James is averaging more than 30 points per game in the 2012 playoffs. He finally had a good 4th quarter in game 2. That performance was needed as the Heat only won by 4 points.

The Achilles heal right now for the Thunder is Russell Westbrook who was criticized for his play in the first half of game 2. While Westbrook scored 27 points, it was his slow start that critics believe allowed the Heat to jump out to an 18-2 run.

Among Westbrook's critics are Magic Johnson who believes that Russell had the worst performances for a point guard in an NBA finals. Stephen A Smith of ESPN was also critical of the point guard. Smith believes that Westbrook is making poor decisions.

I agree with he critics. Oklahoma has done a great job in the second half, especially in the 4th quarter. They have found a way to make the games close. If they came out and performed better in the first half, it would put a lot of pressure on the Heat.

Russell Westbrook doesn't plan on tweaking his game. That doesn't bode well for the Thunder. NBA games, especially in the playoffs and finals is about making adjustments. A true superstar makes those adjustments. Westbrook is showing that he's a good player but doesn't have the necessary tools to be a winner.

That's too bad. I don't want to see Lebron James or Dwayne wade win this year's championship or any championship for that matter but I do think they have taken their game to another level. James and Wade are determined and focused on winning a championship.

James and Wade will do anything to win a championship, even if it means tweaking their game. That's what true champions and true superstars do. That's why the Heat will win this championship. Their stars will make the necessary adjustments to their game, while Russell Westbrook will be selfish and continue to play poor first half basketball.

The Miami Heat will demolish the Thunder on Sunday. They seem destined to win a 2012 NBA Championship.

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