Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marty Time in LA

It was Marty time once again and this time it occurred in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Los Angeles (LA). Martin Brodeur only faced 22 shots on Wednesday night but he saved 21 of them. Many of his saves were of the spectacular variety.

Martin Brodeur Autographed Photo - Authentic 16x20 JsaThroughout the game, it seemed inevitable that the LA Kings would find a way to win the game, the series and the Stanley Cup. Marty wouldn't allow that to happen. Marty made a great save, early int he third on a breakaway attempt by the Kings. That seemed to set the tone in the third.

The Kings had many chances to put this game away but couldn't capitalize. I think good old Martin Brodeur got into the Kings heads. It seemed as if the Kings were trying for the perfect goal. Marty had the Kings players trying to pick the perfect spot in the net.

I also believe that hitting a couple of posts also forced the Kings to attempt the perfect shot. It just wasn't meant to be tonight. Fate might still be on the Kings side but not on Monday night.

I wanted the Kings to win the cup on home ice but I'm a big fan of Brodeur, my fellow countryman. I've watched Brodeur for 20 years. I believe he's the greatest goaltender in NHL history. Marty continues to dominate the game, even though he's 40 years young.

Let's not take anything away from Jonathan Quick. He made some huge saves early in game 4 but he his teammates couldn't finish the Devils off.

The Kings are a great road team and you can't count them out in game 5 in New Jersey. The Kings haven't lost on the road all playoffs long. It will be a tough task to win in Jersey and against Marty. Devils fans will do their part to help the team extend the series to game 6.

Even if the Devils win game 5, they will have to return to Los Angeles and attempt to extend the series to 7 games. Marty will have to continue his great play in game 5. He has it in him but he will have to be brilliant. Look for the Kings to pour it on and try to exact revenge on the Kings.

I do give the edge to the Kings in game 5 and I hope they do pull it off. It will be bittersweet for me. The reasons are:
1) It wouldn't be on home ice and there's something specially seeing a team winning the cup in front of hometown fans.
2) Martin Brodeur will have lost out on an opportunity to finish his career on  top of the world.

While I hope that the Kings win the series, I hope Brodeur plays great for the rest of the series. It was fun to see Marty time in LA on Wednesday.

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