Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lions Maul Bombers

Video source: You Tube Video: OfficialBlueBombers
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers opened the 2012 season with a 33-16 drubbing at the hands of the B.C. Lions. It is hard to tell if fans should push the panic button 1 game into the season but it is easy to see that B.C. is light years ahead of the Blue at almost every position including key ones such a quarterback, O-line and linebacker.

The Bombers really have no one to blame but management for this debacle. Joe Mack's purging of veterans and refusal to get a backup quarterback with experience is going to cause the Blue nothing but grief this year as it is ground hog day with Buck Pierce being injured yet again. This time it had to do with lack of protection from a make shit offensive line that was truly offensive. Pierce was 3-9 for 11 yards before going out with a 'lower body' injury.

The team could not muster any offence and rookie running back Dorozon looked like he was playing his first professional game( 5 carries for 4 yards). Alex Brink took over for Pierce and hooked up with Terrance Edwards for a touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter, the offecense's only real drive of the game. He went 14 for 26 with 2 TD's.

The score flattered the Bombers who will yet again have to rely on their defense to keep them in games. They were led by Bryant Turner with 3 sacks but spent far too much time on the field and had some difficulty containing Travis Lulay who had a solid game. The game was highlighted by Lulay throwing a history making 56-yard pass to Geroy Simon in the fourth quarter, which allowed him to break Milt Stegall's CFL record for most receiving yards.

The game was stopped to honor this remarkable achievement. Milt Stegall, Wally Buono and Mark Cohon all made brief speeches and Geroy addressed the crowd even thanking the Bombers for giving him his first chance to play pro football.

Once the game resumed it was more of the same for the Bombers as they struggled to keep pace with the Lions and only started gathering momentum in garbage time. The task at hand does not get any easier for the Blue as they head to Montreal. There is no magic formula for the Bombers this season as they made the conscious decision to go with a young team and with 17 games remaining one can only hope youthful exuberance will make up for their lack of experience.

Article by Sportmentary's Winnipeg correspondent, The Comish.

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