Friday, June 22, 2012

Lebrongo No More!

Lebrongo was the term I and others used to combine a nickname for two perennial playoff losers; Lebron James and Roberto Luongo. Both players are among the best in their respective leagues. Luongo plays for the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL and Lebron James plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA.

In Luongo's case he is arguably the best goalie in the NHL. In the regular season that is. James is the best player in the NBA. Both players have struggled in the playoffs.

With Lebron James winning his first NBA title on Thursday, you can take the Lebron out of Lebrongo. Now you're left with go and that doesn't make sense. So we're left calling Roberto a couple of names. If we look back at last year's Stanley Cup playoffs and the poor play of Roberto. We're left shaking our heads. When we look at the first round playoff series loss of the Canucks to the LA Kings and the fact that Luongo had to be replaced after game 2, we're left shaking our heads again. So we can call Luongo, Luoser or Luchoker.

Either of those names fits. Roberto Luongo hasn't proven to me that he's a winner. He is a choke artist and underachiever when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs. While the LA Kings were the eventual champions of the NHL this season, the fact that the Vancouver Canucks and their over paid goalie, couldn't build on last year's heartbreak and find a way to dispose of the 8th seeded Kings is ridiculous.

Luonog being replaced in the first round of the playoffs is also unforgivable. This is a guy who has a huge contract. He's paid millions of dollars and the Canucks brought him to Vancouver to do one thing. That's winning a Stanley Cup.

Luongo has made it to only one finals. In that finals he choked away his chance and the Canucks chance of hoisting Lord Stanley's cup. Roberto is a big Luoser. I have to admit that I can't stand the guy and I can't stand the team he plays for.

I don't know who I dislike more. Is it the Canucks? Is it Roberto Luongo or is the team's fans. All are equally annoying in my opinion. I had a huge smile on my face when the Cantucks lost in game 7 of last year's finals, in front of their home town fans. That victory by the Bruins and that site of crying fans was a site to behold. It was brilliant.

I was rewarded with another awesome moment when the Cantucks lost to the Kings in front of their home town fans in this years playoffs. The only disappointment was that Luoser wasn't on the ice to relish the loss.

So now I'm left with no Lebrongo. I'm left with a guy named Luchoker or Luoser!

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