Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lebron James & The Miami Heat Are Champions Of The NBA

Lebron and the Miami Heat are champions. Lebron James had another good game with a triple double but it was the incredible amount of three pointers (Miller figuring in 7 of them) that put the dagger into the hearts of the Oklahoma Thunder.

From mid way through the 2nd quarter, the Heat started taking control of the game. The Heat crushed the Thunder, teaching the young team a lesson. More importantly, Lebron James silenced his critics. Lebron James had a great 2012 playoff season.

Lebron James capped an MVP season with a championship. Lebron took control of his team in the playoffs.  It was Lebron's team. He deserves a ton of credit for his team's championship. Sure Wade and company had good games but it was James who was consistent throughout the playoffs.

I was a huge critic of Lebron James. Now I must admit that he deserves some respect. It's kind of an empty feeling not being able to call Lebron, Lebusto. For those of us who thought that James would never win a championship and who thought that James would the best player in history never to win the championship, we are now eating crow.

The MVP award is being announced right now and the guy who averaged almost 29 points per Lebron James (ABC). He deserved the award. It is a crowning moment for James. All the criticism and negativity directed towards him has paid off in the form of a championship. He took all of that in stride, matured and dedicated himself to his craft and the team.

Congratulations King James. You deserve the championship. You earned it this year. You were a dominant player on the court. Maybe we can now move on and look at James in a different light.

The funny thing, is that in a Face-Off podcast a couple of months ago, I said Tiger woods would win a major before Lebron would win an NBA title. I came close this past weekend in the US Open. Close doesn't cut it. While Tiger choked, the guy who I expected to choke, Lebron James, won his championship.

We will wait until the 2012/2013 season to see if the Heat can repeat. Tonight, Lebron James and the Miami Heat are champions of the NBA.

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