Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kirk Gibson: Was a Great Player But is a Punk Ass Dad

Many people remember Kirk Gibson's walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th inning in game 1 of the 1988 World Series. That home run helped catapult the Los Angeles Dodgers to an improbable World Series title. The Oakland Athletics were the favorite to win that year. Gibson had injuries to both legs and hobbled to the plate for that remarkable moment. It was Gibson's only plate appearance in the series but arguably the most important moment of the series.

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Gibson was the hero for the Dodgers. Many baseball fans regard him as a baseball icon. Many fans, like me, regard that moment as one of their greatest sports moments. Sports sites have replayed that home run many times.

If my respect for Gibson as a great player were based on his athletic skill and that great play in 1988, I would also regard him as a great man and father. Unfortunately, a recent event by this guy has changed my opinion about him. I don't believe he's a great father.

As a father, I love being at all my children's events and big moments. I dream of being at them for the rest of my life. I want to be supportive of my children. One way of doing that is encouraging them, supporting them and then being there when they reach big moments of their lives.

Some moments are expected, even if it takes hard work. Graduating from High School will be encouraged and supported in our household. It will take hard work, dedication and support from my wife and I. When that moment is reached by our children we will be there to celebrate. My wife and I place our family and our children first.

I guess Kirk Gibson has other priorities. Gibson is the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He missed his son's High School graduation. When asked about why he missed that important moment in his child's life, the ogre responded with "You’re supposed to graduate. His mom and the rest of the family will be there. He’s coming to see me next week" (Sportress of Blogitude).

That is cold hearted. Gibson has placed his baseball team above his child. Gibson just showed sports fans that he isn't a good father. He's showed me that he doesn't care about his son. He has shown me that his son's achievements and accomplishments don't mean anything to him.

It is also telling that the rest of his son's family will be there but his son's father would rather be at some baseball game. Gibson is a punk ass father.

I'm confident that the Diamondbacks wouldn't have minded if he had taken off for the final game of the series with Texas to be at his son's graduation. It would be expected. Does Mr. Gibson expect his son to graduate from university? If he does, he will miss that event as well. Does the ogre expect his son to get married? If he does he might miss that event as well. Does he expect his son to have children one day? If he does he might miss that event.

Many accomplishments in our lives could be expected. It doesn't mean that they aren't accomplishments. It doesn't mean that they shouldn't be celebrated with our families and most importantly our parents. Kirk Gibson has failed as a father. Gibson has no excuse for this.

I hope that the sports media now treats Gibson as a jerk and a joke of a human being. He's a failure at human relations. He's failed his son and I think that is terrible.

While Gibson might have been a great player, he is punk ass father.

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