Friday, June 15, 2012

It Seems as if Judges Treat Professional Athletes Like Kings?

Sportmentary believes that professional sports athletes receive preferential treatment when it comes to judges sentencing them for crimes that they've been found guilty of. It seems as if judges treat pro athletes like Kings and seem to be infatuated by them.

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Earlier this year, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was found guilty of beating the snot out of a woman. He received a 90 day jail sentence. Mayweather then petitioned the court to allow his sentence to be served after a fight in May. The idiotic judge granted that request.There's been many stories of athletes receiving light sentences or 2nd and 3rd chances.

Professional athletes are not held to the same standard as Joe dude, the regular guy. If it were me or you, we would be thrown in the slammer and our lives would be in shambles. We would lose our jobs and it would become hard to find good work again.

Punk judges wouldn't consider our pleas for leniency or arguments of economic hardship. When it comes to professional athletes, judges allow these multi millionaires to receive reduced sentences or preferential treatment. Sportmentary is sick of these good for nothing judges.

Today, Sportmentary learned that Kenrick Ellis who had been found guilty of battery and then received a 45 day sentence had asked for the court for a split sentence. What that means is that this thug criminal can serve part of his sentence now and the remainder after March 13th.

That means that the criminal can be available for the New York Jets training camp and won't have to resume his sentence until after the NFL season. 

It's no wonder why professional athletes like Justin Blackmon and Nick Fairley re-offend. They never learn their lessons. That is the fault of incompetent judges. The public must demand that these bush league judges be forced off the bench.

Why do I say that? Because they put thugs like Blackmon and Ellis back on the street after receiving reduced or limited sentences. The judges who are handing out these sentences aren't doing what's in the best interest of the public.

I'm sick and tired of reading about the crimes being committed by spoiled professional athletes. I'm even sicker about reading about the preferential treatment being shown by judges who preside over the trials of these criminal athletes.

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