Friday, June 1, 2012

Is That Enough Evidence For You Saints Fans?

My question for you today is; Is that enough Evidence for you Saints fans? New Orleans Saints fans want to see evidence that a bounty system occurred and that players were actually injured. They don't believe it exists. Well, they might have got their wish today. The only problem is that I'm not sure these fans will be rational enough to accept the evidence (Detailed below).

New Orleans Saints Authentic Full Size Pro Line Riddell HelmetThe evidence occurs in a form of a report that details a ledger kept by the team and lists players who were rewarded for succeeding in their bounties. According to ProFootballTalk,com, in one instance, the ledger even notes that a targeted player was placed on injured reserve.

Saints player Jonathan Vilma is either a liar or a creep. He's suing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for slander. He claims he didn't have the evidence to defend himself. That claim was bogus, since I believe he was invited by the league to talk about the allegations and the evidence against him. He must think the NFL owed to him to fly to his house and give him the evidence.

This just shows what a disgusting piece of trash Vilma is. It shows what awful human beings the team is. It also shows how delusional Saints fans. That's my opinion. Good people wouldn't support this behavior. Only irrational and delusional people would think that it's OK for the bounty system to have existed and that it's OK to deny it.

I wonder if Drew Brees has the evidence he thinks he's owed. This piece of garbage has also denied the bounty allegations. He must have been in Mars when the team talked about. Brees is an arrogant person. He thinks he's more important than he really is.

Another question I have is; Why did anyone think the NFL didn't have a mountain of evidence. This latest piece of evidence shows me that the NFL had more than enough evidence to hand out it's discipline to the New Orleans Saints and Vilma.

I believe that Vilma's lawsuit is frivolous. I believe that any player that supports him is a pig. I believe that the NFLPA are made up of a bunch of thug pigs. How can they support this nonsense? If the NFL presented that ledger report as evidence, we would now know tat the NFLPA wasn't honest that the NFL never presented them with credible evidence that a bounty program existed.

We shouldn't be surprised that the parties mentioned in this opinion piece are either delusional, not telling the truth or idiotic. Those parties include Saints fans, Saints players, Saints management and the NFLPA.

I'm sure some of you will disagree with me and think I'm being to hard on Vilma and the Saints organization. I don't believe that I am but this is an opinion piece. It's not a factual account of what happened, since I'm not a party to those events.

I believe that I do have enough intelligence to know that the evidence ads up to wrongdoing by the New Orleans Saints and their fans. I believe that this new evidence supports what I believed should have been the penalties for Vilma, his coaches and Saints management. All parties involved should have been banned for life.

As I mentioned earlier, Saints fans will deny that a bounty program existed. They will still ask for the evidence. I don't believe it's humanly possible to provide them with enough evidence to satisfy them. They are in denial.

To answer my original question; Is That Enough Evidence For You Saints Fans? The answer is no. The rational fan would think their is but we aren't talking baout those fans. We're talking about Saints fans.

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