Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Want, I Want, I Want

A day after Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Percy Harvin voiced his displeasure about some things with the Vikings, it is being reported that the cry baby has requested a trade.

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The timing of the trade is suspect. It makes him look like a chump and a piece of garbage. This ahole didn't even give the Vikings time to respond to his issues. He acted like a clown today and I've lost all respect for him.

There's no doubt that he's talented and an integral part of the team. Harvin isn't saying what is bothering him, which makes his behavior even more suspect.

While Percy might want some things, as a fan of the team, I want some things as well. I want him to honor his contract. I want him to act like a man and not a baby. I don't want him to have any health issues.

There are other things that I want but I can't list them all. I'm annoyed at Harvin and his antics. This seems out of character for the guy. He seemed dedicated to the team last year. I want to know what's going through his mind. What's bugging him.

If Harvin has a legitimate reason for his actions, other than just renegotiating his contract, this is the time to come clean. He should tell the fans what's on his mind. If he doesn't, I'll hold him responsible for the consequences of his idiotic actions today.

As far as I'm concerned, what makes his actions particularly egregious is that Harvin came out yesterday and publicly complained that there were things that bothered him. He was brave enough to come forward publicly. Then today he requests a trade? That didn't give the team enough time to address his issues.

Harvin wasn't brave enough to come out publicly that he had requested a trade. He wasn't brave enough to tell his fans why he's so upset. He's acting like a clown and I'm disgusted by his behavior.

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