Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Floyd Mayweather is a Sissy

Floyd Mayweather Jr is a sissy. This tough guy is serving a 90 day sentence for using a woman as his punching bag. If the jail sentence wasn't soft enough, this sissy is showing that he's got a soft interior.

The tough guy is asking a judge to release him early or release him to home confinement. His lawyers say that he's getting out of shape and that this jail sentence could ruin his career. Don't you think this thug should have thought about the consequences of his actions before beating the snot out of an innocent woman?

Isn't jail supposed to be tough? Not if you're pretty boy Floyd. The guy sure can use his fists in the ring and on a woman but can't handle a 90 day jail sentence. Boo Hoo to the sissy. Mayweather was convicted of a violent crime. He shouldn't receive any leniency.

The judge who sentenced him, allowed him to delay his reporting to jail so he could earn over 30 million dollars in a fight. This judge should have her little brain examined. It would a be a huge miscarriage of justice if Mayweather's sentence was reduced.

Mayweather should be forced to server the full 90 days. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson. He needs to learn that he will be held accountable for his actions. I don't think Mayweather understands what he's done or consequences his actions that landed him behind bars.

If he's allowed any softening of his already light sentence, he will believe that he's above the law. I think it's nonsense that his career will be ended by a 90 day sentence. Mayweather is the greatest fighter in the world (In his weight class). I think a person who's the best in their profession could find a way to get back in shape.

Maybe the sissy doesn't have it in him to improve his life. Maybe this sissy will wilt if he's made to serve the full 90 day sentence behind bars. If that's the case, who cares. Mayweather didn't care that he beat up a woman. He's a disgrace. His lawyers are a disgrace and the judge will be a disgrace if she accepts Mayweather's pleas for leniency.

I believe that anyone who beats up a woman should do many years of hard time. Mayweather isn't doing much time at all but is trying to manipulate the system to his advantage. I can't stand the sissy. Come on Maywerather. Man up and do the time. Show that you're a tough guy and not some pretty boy.

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