Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fishing Pics Social Network

Please Note: Sportmentary.com receives compensation for this review.

Sportmentary receives numerous requests to review sites. While I'm honored at such requests, it is important for me to keep my visitors in mind. What type of sites will they feel are relevant and will the review fit within the structure of Sportmentay Online Sports Talk.

Recently, I was asked to review FishyPic.com. FishyPic is a Fishing Social Network. There are numerous pictures that relate to fishing pictures in the following categories:
Freshawater fishing, inshore fishing and offshore fishing.

Fishing isn't my expertise and isn't something that I regularly follow, so I was a little apprehensive reviewing the site. I wasn't disappointed with my visit. There are really nice pictures on the site. Some of them had me ooing and awing. I was impressed with the site.

I feel that you, my visitors will have a rewarding experience. FishyPic is a good fit for Sportmentary and I believe provides added value for my visitors.

Since FishyPic is a social network, there are opportunities for you to comment on the site and the pictures that are displayed. It's your way if interacting in a fishing community.  If you are an avid fisherman or follow the sport, FishyPic will provide you with enjoyment. Actually, you can be a casual observer like I am and still enjoy your visit. It did for me.

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