Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boxing Is Not A Sport To Be Taken Seriously

After Saturday's shocking decision in favor of Timothy Bradley after his bout against Manny Pacquiao, it is evident that boxing is not a serious sport. Boxing is in need of a Major overhaul.

Most viewers of the bout believe that Manny won the fight. Most experts didn't even think the fight was close. They believe that Pacquiao won easily, by at least 6 rounds. The Associated Press had Manny winning the fight by a score of 117-111.

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Pacquiao landed far more punches according ringside punching statistics, which had Manny landing 253 punches to Bradley's 159. Compubox statistics had Manny landing more punches in the almost every round. Bradley still won the fight. Manny also landed a greater percentage of his punches. Bradley still won the fight. Manny had Bradley in trouble a couple of times during the fight. Bradley still won.

Bradley seemed happy just to finish the fight without being knocked out. Bradley still won the fight. Many experts believed that this decision was the worst in the history of the sport. I don't know about that. I've seen some pretty putrid decisions by ringside judges.

The problem with boxing is that the judges are incompetent. That's being nice. Some people believe that they were paid off. I don't have any evidence of that. The only thing I feel confident about is that the judges who had Bradley winning the fight should never judge another fight. They should be fired.

I think that the state of Nevada needs to conduct a serious investigation into this decision. Patrons and Pay Per View viewers, paid good money to see the fight. If there was a fraudulent decision, they need to be compensated. If their was fraud, the judges should be prosecuted in a criminal court of law.

The problem with boxing is that judges are not fit to judge the outcome of a boxing match. They are useless. Yesterday's poor and incompetent decision, was just one of many poor decisions. When millions of people feel that a fight was dominated by one fighter but that fighter loses a decision, it proves that boxing is a joke.

The Nevada Athletic Commission needs to right a wrong. They need to vacate this decision. If they don't, they will have allowed a robbery to have taken place. The commission can't allow boxing fans who spent money on this fight, to have had their hard earned money being robbed.

Patrons expected that the decision of this fight to be fair, impartial and just. Since the decision wasn't fair or just, they were robbed, deceived an defrauded. If I had paid for this joke of a decision, I would never watch another Pay Per View event ever again.

The behavior of the judges on Saturday was disgusting at best and criminal at worst. They are a disgrace to their sport. There is no place in sports for these clowns. They must be banned immediately. Until the powers to be, clean up the sport form disgusting judges, the sport can't be taken seriously. Until they restore confidence to boxing fans, the sport will be considered a joke.

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