Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Major Gets The Best of Tiger Woods

Another major played and another one that got the best of Tiger Woods. After winning the Memorial in Dublin Ohio 2 weeks ago, Tiger became the favorite to win this year's US Open. Tiger was in the thick of things after the first 2 rounds but played horrible golf down the stretch.

Tiger had 2 days he wish he could have back. It's another major that has eluded him during his comeback. Tiger has shown signs of promise in 2012. He's made some improvements and we've seen flashes of the old Tiger. He needs to be able to put 4 good rounds together in his next major.

I do believe we will continue to see Tiger grow. His mental game seems to have improved greatly. As each month goes by, he will be 1 month removed from the scandal that brought him down. Once the greatest golfer if not the greatest athlete, Tiger has had a huge fall from grace. If anyone can rebuild his game, it is Tiger.

Tiger works extremely hard and is dedicated to his craft. Those are qualities not seen with every golfer. If he can rebuild his physical as well as his mental game, Tiger will be competitive in many tournaments. The struggle for Tiger is that he is facing younger competition, many of which are extremely talented.

Webb Simpson is an example of the type of competition Tiger woods will be facing. Simpson won the 2012 US Open on Sunday. He played very well in the final two rounds, shooting 68 in rounds 3 and 4. Simpson saved his best golf for the end. While Simpson got off to a poor start on Sunday, he played extremely well in the final five holes to clinch the major.

Webb is only 26. He's young and hungry. He showed signs this weekend that he is going to be a golf superstar. That is more distraction that Tiger doesn't need.

Tiger needs to win one major tournament soon. If he does it, he will be feared by his competitors. At this point, they've seen Tiger playing well in some rounds but being inconsistent in others. That doesn't invoke fear into his competitors.

In the Memorial, Tiger did put together a complete tournament and that was the type of playing that makes his opponents wonder if the old Tiger is back. After Friday, I thought that we would see that same magic in the final two rounds as we had seen int he last 6.

The magical shot that was seen in the Memorial and that propelled Tiger to a tournament win, will hopefully be seen in the second half of 2012. Tiger's new competitors need to witness his magic. These young guys are fearless. To invoke fear, Tiger will need to have them witness the type of golfer he was 4 years ago.

I sure hope Tiger will return to his glory days. He was fun to watch. He was magical and had ice for veins. His competitors feared him and probably secretly loathed him. When Tiger stepped up to the tees, everyone took notice. Greatness was expected from Tiger. I still expect that we will witness that greatness. Hopefully it will be soon.

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