Monday, May 14, 2012

What Should the Penalty be for Flopping in the NBA?

I've written a number of commentaries regarding diving in the NHL. Now I turn my attention to the National Basketball Association (NBA). NBA commissioner David Stern is concerned about flopping in the NBA and thinks this issue should be addressed.

I think that flopping or diving in North American professional sports is unacceptable and is ruining their value. As a fan, I'm disgusted every time I see a sissy flopping or diving. There is no place for it and the issue must be addressed by the NBA.

While it's sometimes difficult for NBA officials to determine if a player flopped or not, instant replay should be used to review the incident(s). With that said, what should be the punishment for flopping by NBA players?

First of all, I think that the penalties should be tier based, with severe penalties occurring for repeat offenders.
I also think that the only penalty an on court official should dish out, is a foul, technical or throwing out a player.
Further penalties would then be handed out by the NBA.
As usual, you can expect that my tiered system will be very harsh.

First Offense
Officials - The on court officials should determine the severity of the flop and then hand out various penalties including fouls, technicals and game ejections (For multiple flops during a game). If a player flops more than one time in a game as determined by on-court officials, that player should receive an automatic game ejection. Please Note: Penalties handed out by officials will remain constant (Only the NBA penalties will change).

NBA - The player would receive a $25,000 fine.

Second Offense
Officials would hand out the same penalties as noted in the first offense.

NBA- A repeat offender, including a player who was ejected from a game for multiple violations, should be fined $35,000 and receive a one game suspension (In addition to any game ejections handed out by on court officials).

Third Offense
NBA - For a third offense, the player should receive a five game suspension and a $50,000 fine.

Future Offenses
NBA - The player should be banned for 25 games and receive a $100,000 fine. If a player reaches his 10th offense, a 2 year ban and a $500,000 fine should be implemented.

I believe that if this type of penalty structure were to be implemented, you would eliminate the majority of flopping by NBA players.  You would still have some rogue players who would try to beat the system or wouldn't care about the penalties but I think that would be the minority.

With this type of penalty system, NBA teams could then structure their contracts so that repeat offenders could have their contracts being voided.

I think the game would be more entertaining and fun to watch. As I said earlier, I know my penalties are harsh but I've had enough of watching this garbage known as flopping taking place on the court. It's time that the NBA addressed this issue.

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