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What is Playing Basketball for a Community College Like?

What is Playing Basketball for a Community College Like? Or what you are really probably wondering is... is it worth it?

With college comes all new types of levels of opportunities, stress, friends, experiences, and learning. You have now entered that stage in your life called "transitioning" where you are really not yet a "grown up" (unless you are working a full time job at the same time and supporting yourself) but you are not a child anymore either. You are officially a young adult, and if you play your cards right, then the world can be your oyster.

So Where Does Basketball Fit in the Mix?
So you have graduated from high school, and basketball was a big part of your experience there. You really enjoyed playing the game and you were a pretty good player, but perhaps you lived in a small town where no one gets noticed. Perhaps you never played AAU so you didn't get that extra exposure that is so crucial in today's world of basketball, or perhaps you just never saw yourself playing college basketball until now?

But is it too late? If you have no offers from universities you may be wondering what your next move might be. Prep school is an option - although an expensive one - and you're not sure that you want to delay a year of your college schooling just so that you can play basketball at a prep school.

The answer for you is community college. If you have any talent whatsoever, and can maintain a decent grade point average then it is more than likely that you can find a community college, if not somewhere in your area, somewhere in your state to play for.

What is Community College Basketball is Like?
Community college basketball will test your love of the game. It's not about the glory - and if you aren't on the state’s top two teams, then the stands might be a little empty from time to time - or every single game.

Many community colleges do not offer scholarships either. You will have to pay to play, purchase your books, and don't get the fanciest of outfits either (at least compared to universities - some Juco's have pretty cool outfits). A lot of the times, if you want your school to get paid for, you are either going to have to pay for it yourself, take out a loan, get student aid, or find unique scholarship opportunities like the MEAP tests or the StorageMart scholarship.

Another thing that can sometimes weigh on the student Athlete is the time you consume with the team. Remember that you will not be playing less basketball than you did in High School, but you will be playing more. And on top of that your trips will be much longer on the busses than they were in high school as you will not just be traveling within your district but rather in your whole state.

What Makes Community College Basketball Worth it?
There are many things that make community college basketball worth it, and trust me, it really is. If you can find the time and energy for it then here are some of the benefits that you will gain out of it:
  1. A Chance to say you played college basketball
  2. A huge chance to take your basketball game to the next level and get a scholarship from a university
  3. Learning teamwork and dedication past high school sports
  4. Benefit from study hours with the team where you are forced to study (such a good thing)
  5. Put the fact that you played college sports down on a resume (this greatly enhances your chances of getting hired)
  6.   Make friends a lot easier and have life lasting memories
Ultimately it will be up to you. Just as with everything else in life - you should weigh the pros and cons when deciding to play community college basketball.

BIO: This article was written by Philip Rudy. Philip Played basketball at a small NAIA college in southeast Michigan and gained much from his experiences. In his spare time he likes to guest post and talk about sports on the Internet

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