Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wade & James Show Why They Should Make it to the NBA Finals

Dwyane Wade and Lebron James showed why they should make it to the NBA finals this year. The Miami Heat destroyed the Indiana Pacers 115-83 in game 5 of their series. This was a defining moment for the Heat. Their two top players played a complete game and actually seemed to do better as the game unfolded.

The Heat will need both of these stars to play well through the stretch. When both players are in top form, they are unbeatable. That's the key. For parts of this series, there have been flashes of brilliance but in games 4 and 5 both Wade and James found their form.

Lebron James had 30 points in game 5. James has been a sure bet to put up 30 points or more this series. What was lacking was having Wade putting up similar numbers. That all changed Tuesday night as Dwyane Wade proved to be a a great compliment to James, scoring 28 points. Wade's 28 points was the necessary ingredient and it not only helped the Heat defeat the Pacers but it helped them destroy Pacers.

These guys took it up a notch. This was particularly important for Wade who had been struggling earlier in the series. At this point, it seems inevitable that the Heat will represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. Yes, there is the Boston Celtics who should win their series against the Philadelphia 76ers.  The Celtics lead the series 3-2. The winner of the series will face the winner of the Pacers/Heat series.

I don't think that the remaining teams in the Eastern Conference can beat the Heat. So if the Heat can keep their momentum going, they should be in the finals. The Heat won't have an easy time with the Western Conference representative but they would be returning to the finals and the experience of losing in heartbreaking fashion in game 7 in the 2011 should prove valuable.

Well I might seem repetitive, the question I have is can the Pacers beat the Heat if both Wade and James put up close to 30 points each? The answer is no. Not a chance. The reason that the Pacers were in the series through 3 games was that Wade's production was missing. Now that he seems to have found his scoring touch, the Heat are unbeatable.

Look for the Miami Heat to close out this series in 6 games. With a scoring punch that includes both Dwyane Wade and Lebron James, the Heat should return to the NBA Finals this year.

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