Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vilma Doesn't Deserve a Place in the NFL

In my opinion, I don't think that Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints deserves a place in the NFL. He was recently suspended for one year after the NFL found that he was an instrumental player in the bountygate scandal. Sportmentary believes that he's guilty and that will be proven once that information is made public.

I believe that Vilma is another disgusting member of the New Orleans Saints organization. Sportmentary believes that the Saints are a terrible team and are run by disgusting people. I believe that Vilma should have received a lifetime ban.

If he is indeed guilty of the disgusting allegations that the NFL has stated he was, then he should have lost the privilege of making a living in the NFL. He should have been tossed out of the league. Unless it's proven otherwise, I believe that the NFL has an arsenal of evidence against Vilma.

Instead of acting like a decent person and accepting his role in one of the most disgusting scandals in the history of professional sports, Vilma has decided to sue Goodell in Louisiana. He is accusing the commisioner of slander. This may be an attempt to force the NFL to release the evidence against him.

I'm sure that evidence will hold up in most people's minds and will meet the legal test for defending the NFL against slander. The problem is that this trial will take place in Louisiana. I don't have much confidence in that state. I think they will do anything to make the NFL look bad and protect the scumbags that are part of the Saints organization. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and isn't a factual statement.

I believe that the Saints management, coaches and players are unethical and supported a bounty system intended to destroy the careers of other NFL players, including Brett Favre and Kurt Warner. I believe the NFL. I don't believe Jonathan "Vile" Vilma.

I think that the NFLPA and their support for the behavior of Vilma is making every NFL player look like a bunch of disgusting thugs. Every player in the NFL should have turned their back on the Vile Vilma. Instead, they are supporting what I think are horrible actions by a horrible team ans a horrible player. That's my opinion. It's not fact. It's not a factual statement. Why am I repeating that? I don't want Vilma suing me.

If the allegations against him are true, I believe that Vilma has no ounce of decency or morality in his body. If the allegations against him are true, I don't believe that Vilma respects his fellow players. If the allegations are true, I think that Vilma is an evil man.

For the reasons that I mentioned above, I don't believe that Jonathan Vilma deserves a place int he NFL.

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