Friday, May 25, 2012

The Vikings Will Be A Top Tier Team...In 2016 That Is!

With the Minnesota Vikings Stadium deal passing it's last hurdle in Minneapolis on Friday, it's time to look towards the teams future. I believe the team will have a great future but it won't be until 2016. That's when the Vikings will open the doors to their spanking new stadium.

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Vikings do indeed have something to look forward to. We can now breathe a little easier as we know our beloved team will be around for many years to come. Hopefully they will start the new era in their new home by winning. In the mean time, probably for the next 4 seasons, we will have to endure a terrible product on the field.

These are the rebuilding years and also a time to improve the team through the draft. If ESPN is correct in their 2012 Power Rankings, the Vikings will finish the upcoming season in 31st place, with a record of 3-13. So the Vikings should get a great draft pick. If they don't blow it in the 2013 draft, they could add a top prospect to the team.

If the we expect following seasons to be much of the same, with the Vikings finish in the bottom 10 teams, then we do have something to look forward in 4 to 5 years. The team will probably be without Head Coach Leslie Frazier. I've been pretty critical of him and I'm not a big fan. Sporting News agrees with me. They rank Frazier 27th out of 32 head coaches.

So now I'm predicting that the Vikes will have improved the team in the draft. If Christian Ponder continues to develop and does become the quarterback (QB) that the team thinks, he will be a veteran QB with about 5-6 years experience when the team starts to win again.

He will be in his prime and poised to lead a team with a good group of players. Adrian Peterson will be at the end of his career but hopefully will have one last push to try and get his Super Bowl ring.

The only thing left for the team will be to be smart about adding free agents to the mix. With good selections in the draft and picking up the right free agents to be the necessary finishing touches for the team, the Vikings could start the 2016 season in the new domed stadium, being a true contender.

That would be awesome. Fans have already endured two horrible seasons and will endure some of the worst seasons in the next few years. It would be a great story for Minnesota, if 2016 is not only successful due to the opening of a great stadium but the beginning of a new winning era for Vikings football.

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