Sunday, May 27, 2012

UFC is Vicious!

I recently watched The Hunger Games with my wife and we loved it but we came out of the movie asking ourselves if something like that could really happen. More importantly, could the public embrace something like The Hunger Games if it became an annual or regular sports competition?

Cain Velasquez Ufc Champion Boxing Signed 8x10I guess you can't say that it could never happen but we may have a sports competition that comes close. It's called the UFC. While the intent isn't too kill your competition in UFC competitions, it's extremely brutal and you could see a death occurring in the sport.

The sport has loyal followers and has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. This afternoon, I watched a short UFC video of a fight between Cain Velasquez and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva that took place last night. Not only was it disgusting but it left me feeling like I was going to hurl.

The video shows Velasquez elbowing Silva in the head, which opened a cut. Then Velasquez continued elbowing and punching Silva in the head. Blood was flowing out of Silva's head and most of the ring became covered in blood.

The entire match lasted just over a minute and took most of that time for the ring official to call the fight. It should have been called much sooner. It was barbaric and awful. While I know Both fighters volunteered to take part in this event, it shows that the sport is extremely violent.

Would the same fans that embraced the type of violence that occurred last night, be willing to watch someone killing another fighter. Lets say that the fight continued and Velasquez continued elbowing Silva in the head. Lets say that Silva was not only concussed but lost too much blood and died of head injuries. Would fans continue to watch this type of violence?

That's a hypothetical but it shows that we're not that far removed from The Hunger Games, are we? We are actually far removed. I doubt any sport would be sanctioned where participants actually were supposed to kill one another. I doubt fans would watch that type of sport. It would also be illegal.

While that's true, the UFC is the most violent sport in North America. The participants have to be blood thirsty individuals.

While Boxing is also violent, it's tame in comparison the the UFC. Boxing also has many more rules and is regulated, both in the ring and outside it. Certain punches aren't allowed. You can't rabbit punch a boxer (punches to the back of the head) or punch an opponent below the waist.

Boxers can aslo be separated b the referee. Time can be stopped for the referee to check if a boxer can continue in the match. Referees are more prone than their UFC counterparts to calling a match if they feels a boxer is seriously hurt.

For those reasons, I would rather see a boxing match than a UFC match. Boxing seems more civilized and less barbaric. It seems ridiculous that I'm using the word civilized to refer to boxing. Well...I did say "more civilized".

The point is that I find the UFC too violent. I just don't have the stomach for it, especially after watching a short, one minute video of some guy gushing blood all over the ring. The UFC is to vicious for me.

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