Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twins on a Winning Streak

Just when I thought the Drive for 135 was alive (135 losses), The Minnesota Twins go on winning streak and start playing good baseball. The Twins have won their last 3 games and are 5-5 in their last 10 games.

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It's not every day that I can write a positive post about the Twins but today, I'm happy to do so. The Twins have won 2 of their last 3 series and started the series against the Milwaukee Brewers with a win on Friday night. The Twins spanked the Brewers 11-3. Not only did they swing the bats well but there pitchers did their job as well.

Scott Diamond won his third start in a row after being inserted into lineup.Diamond has been the spark that has been needed to boost the Twins. Diamond is a breath of fresh air, after other Twins starters have let the team down. Inserting Diamond couldn't have come at a better time, when the bats seemed to have cone to life and the team was in need if a starter who could get the job done.

Diamond has a 1.40 ERA with 12 strike outs. The best part of Diamond is that he's a Canadian boy just like this writer. It's good to see Canadian players excel at America's past time. Diamond joins Justin Morneau as the the two Canadian boys on the club. If only Mourneau avoids injury issues, he could provide the necessary ingredient for the Twins to continue this stretch of good baseball.

Joe Mauer had a good game Friday night, going 3 for 5 with 3 RBI. Joe needs to keep that up going forward and stay in the lineup. Mauer hit two doubles tonight. That's pretty good. I've come to expect him to either hit singles or take pitches to draw a walk.

If the Twins can build on tonight's game, the Scalpers will be happy. Scalpers in Minneapolis have had a bad year so far and have had to sell tickets at a great discount. It's bargain time for Twins fans who are looking to enjoy the confines of Target Field on the cheap.

I've enjoyed the past 10 days of Twins baseball and sure hope that they have more weeks like they had this week. It sure would make my blog a more positive and pleasant one. There hasn't been much in the Twin Cities professional sports scene to cheer about the past couple of seasons.

Lets hope that the Twins will be the team that allows Minnesota sports fans to enjoy watching one of their teams. If this winning streak doesn't provide the Twins with confidence and provide them with the ability to turn this season around, then they might lose 100 games.

I'm really hoping that Scott Diamond isn't a flash in the pan. I'm hoping he's the real deal. If Twins batters feel confident that he's going to put together a good performance every start, they will also be more relaxed and be able to to provide the needed runs that are needed to provide Diamond with a W.

Hopefully, the other starting pitchers will follow Diamond's lead and provide some consistency to the lineup. Anything's better than what Twins fans have had to witness in the first month and half of the season.

I'm hoping that I will have many posts like this one going forward. It's much better commenting on a Twins winning streak than writing post after post about what's wrong in Twins territory.

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