Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torii Hunter Has His Priorities in the Right Place

Too often we hear about players who have their priorities messed up. Sometimes, their careers take priority over their families. When it comes to Torii Hunter, he has his priorities in the right place; Right with his family.

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Torii Hunter has taken a leave of absence from the Los Angeles Angels to be with his son Darius who has been charged with sexual assault. Torii will remain with his son until this matter has been resolved. He's told the team that he is "A father first" and that baseball comes second.

Kudos to Hunter. That's what I expect a father to do. Torii is showing his son that he is loved and that he comes first. He's showing that to his son by his actions. It's a great life lesson that he's teaching his son.

Sportmentary will wait to see how this case plays out but their are allegations that the accused might be innocent. It seems like his alleged victim might have recanted her story and that she might have been recorded when she recanted that story.

If that is true, the authorities must drop all charges. Hopefully this isn't a rush to charge a young man with a heinous crime.

Whether the young Hunter is guilty or not, the elder Hunter is doing the right thing. It could be easy for him to return to the Angels and tell everyone that he has responsibilities to his employer. It looks like the Angles are also doing the right thing by letting Torii take care of his personal affairs.

I'm sure right now that Hunter isn't worried about his career or job. He's worried about providing as much support as he can to his son. That support will come int he form of love, prayer and of course money. Thankfully, Hunter is in a position to hire good lawyers who have good investigators.

I hope for Hunter's sake, that his son is innocent. I've always liked him as a player, especially when he was withe the Twins. He always struck me as a guy who was dedicated to his craft and to his team. He seemed to do things the right  way.

Now we have a better idea of who is as a father and how he is as a man. Torii is a good role model to younger players. They should take note of his actions. They could learn from how Torii carries himself. Hunter definitely has his priorities in the right place.

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